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2020 Senior Page

The closing of Prince William County Schools due to the Covid-19 virus has hampered the celebration of the Class of 2020. Bristow Beat wants to give parents and guardians the opportunity to offer congratulations to their students. Click on this link to send us a personal congratulatory message (400 character limit) and a photo of your student and we’ll celebrate them on this page. 

Battlefield High School

Andrew Akhavan
We are so proud of you! We are impressed by your strength and
determination to move forward. Love, Mom, Dad, Juliana, Sunshine and Ursus


Hanah Bassarab
We are so very proud of you Hanah. Always be bold enough to use your voice; brave enough to listen to your heart; and strong enough to live
the life God has prepared for you. Believe in yourself as much as we believe in you. We are always here to support you, love you, and encourage you.


Kyle J. Bennett
Congratulations Kyle! We are so proud of you and cannot wait to see what your future brings. Continue to set goals and reach your dreams.
We love you!
Dad, Mom, & Madison


Katallyn Bianchi
Congratulations to most beautiful, sweetest, and thoughtful daughter!
We are all so proud of you and have enjoyed watching you become the strong person you are today . Remember to always stay true to your beliefs and continue to strive for your passions in life. Love you so much. #momadvice


Katharine Boyce 
Congrats to you, Katie, and to the Class of 2020! It has been a year of challenges, hardships, and loss. The compassion that you have shown and the value you place on others just shows your beautiful soul. Congrats on acceptances to all of your applied Universities with Honors. You will be a light at George Mason University and at Lyrique Dance, and through your volunteer work through the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention and the Humane Society. We are so immensely proud of you and we love you, K! Dad, Mom, and Rachel


Jason Brady
Jason we are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what the future holds! You’ll be amazing at WVU this fall! Let’s Go Mountaineers!


Kaylee CurdWe are so proud of you. You can do anything and go anywhere because
you have the drive and determination to take you there.


Kyle William Dodd
Behind you, all your memories. Before you, all your dreams.
Around you, all who love you.
Within you, all you need.
~ Unknown
We love you and are so very proud of you, Kyle! Godspeed!!!


Julieta Dentone
Congratulations on your graduation! We are super proud of you, and know you will do great as you continue your journey at Seattle


Morgan Grace Gaddy
Congratulations!! We couldn’t be more proud of you!! Being your Parent has been our biggest joy!! Always be true to yourself, follow your passion and rely on God- the rest will fall into place!!!
We love you,
Dad & Mama


Kenzie Ginger
Congratulations Kenzie! You have worked so hard and it’s all paid off
at last. You have made us so proud. Continue to pursue your dreams and
reach for the stars. With much Love, Mom and Dad


Patrick Keplinger
Congratulations 2020 Graduate! We are so proud of you and all you have
accomplished. Enjoy Radford…Go Highlanders!
Mom, Dad and Ethan


Kyle Love
We are so proud of you for your hard work with school the bowling team, and baseball. We can’t wait to see you take the next step at
Shenandoah University in the ESports Management Program. Go Hornets!


Michelle Perkins
Even though this hasn’t been the senior year you envisioned, we are still celebrating your success and accomplishments. We couldn’t be more proud of you! We know that you will continue to do great things and are looking forward to the journey at The University of Lynchburg. Continue to be who you are, do what you love and go where your heart leads you. May all your dreams come true. The best is yet to come! We love  you to the moon and back !️ Love, Mom and Dad


Henry Radzikowski
Congratulations Henry and best wishes for future studying and swimming at Penn State University. To our Valedictorian and State Champion in
Swimming, Best in Computer Science, and Best in Never Giving Up. May your hard work and dedication lead you to bright future you deserve!
Proud Mom and Dad (Margaret and Roderick Radzikowski).


Aloysius Connor Ring
Congratulations! We could not be more proud of you and cannot wait to see what your future holds!


Colby Robertson
You did it Kobo!
We are so proud of you as
you begin a new chapter in
life and pursue your dreams and goals. Congrats and we wish you all
the best @ The Citadel. With love, Mom, Dad, Ryan, Braeden
and Yogi Bear


Emily Schmall
Dear Emily, Congratulations! We are so proud of you and all you have
accomplished! We wish you all the best at Virginia Tech next year. You have such a bright future ahead of you and we know you will succeed in whatever you do. We love you, Mom, Dad and Sara


Gianna Schweizer
Congratulations Gianna! We are so proud of you & can’t wait to see
you returning to the lacrosse field at Wingate University!


Alyssa Williams
Alyssa, we are very proud of your accomplishments throughout your HS
Years at Battlefield High School. This year, your Senior Year has been hard and emotionally draining due to the unforeseen virus, and we have shed many tears due to the cancellations that have taken place for your graduation. Just know Alyssa you are not in this alone, your family loves you endlessly and when we can, we will celebrate YOU! Love Mom & Dad

Brentsville High School

Madeline Bohan
Dearest Madeline — We are so very happy for you, proud of you and couldn’t possibly love you more! You have a wonderful life ahead of you and we can’t wait to share some of the journey with you. Always dream, always go above and beyond and always stay true to who you are.Love you forever, Mom (and the rest of the crew!)


Amanda Hasty
Congratulations Amanda! I can’t believe this was your last year in
high school!! I know it didn’t turn out the way anybody planned, but
the first half was awesome… good friends, good times AND good
grades. This will pass, and when it does, we will REALLY celebrate! I’m so proud of you! Love you lots! Mom


James Hoosier III
Congratulations son! Don’t let this be your stopping point, keep
reaching for those goals. Dad and I are proud of all of your
achievements this far, and can’t wait to see what’s next! #tigerstrong


Kendall McCann
We are so proud of you. Keep shining bright. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.


Adin McCool
I am so very proud of you. Your accomplishments in the school room and out. Son your one of the best things in my life. Your father would be so very proud of you. Your and awesome big brother. Keep rocking I know you will succeed in anything you want to do in your life. I will always have your back always.
Love Momma


Camilo Molina
Congratulations! We are very proud of you son!
May God continue pouring he’s blessings upon you.
We love you.! Mom, Dad, Brother and aunt Loli.


Drew Ryder
We are so proud of everything you have accomplished in these last 18 years! We know you have a lot more success and good things coming your way in the future! Keep being a kind, level-headed man.


Will Sawyer 

Congratulations on this huge accomplishment! You give us countless reasons every day to be so proud. Remember faith, family, fun….pray and read everyday and you will be happy. We love you so much!!!!


Adam Shelton

Adam, We are so proud of you. You have worked very hard to get to where you are and the sky is the limit moving forward. I see great things in your future. Keep you head up and your eyes forward. No looking back. We love you so much!!! Mom, Bill, Karsen and Eric


Alex Ward Congratulations, Alex! We love you and are very proud of the character, commitment and leadership that you have shown throughout
your 12 years of schooling. We know that you will continue striving to do your best with your abilities in your quest for a happy, successful and meaningful life. The Class of 2020 Graduates will make a positive difference in this world! #BeTheChange


Austin Yates

Congratulations Austin!! We are so proud of you! You have worked so hard to get here and even though your senior year has ended in a way
nobody could have imagined you deserve to be celebrated for all you have accomplished. We know you are going to achieve great things and can’t wait to see where your future takes you. We love you!

Patriot High School

Carlos AlamoCould we be any more prouder?You has given us so many reasons to be proud of the man you become, but our proudest moment is telling others
that you are our son. Never ever forget how much we love you. The world is an amazing loving place and it is waiting for you, you will face many challenges, but remember just do your best! Everyday may not be good, but try to find something good in every day.Follow your dreams, believe in yourself, be kind, stay strong, be confident and respectful.We always be beside you, to support you, to listen, to be your shoulder. You were made for this and more!Congratulation Carlos! #Classof2020


Alex Aracich
Alex, We are so proud of your hard work and accomplishments. We loved watching you play hockey too! You have grown into a young man that weare extremely proud of. We can’t wait to see where life takes you!
Love, Mom, Dad, and Olivia


Lars Axberg
Congratulations to you, Lars, on graduating from high school! We wish you the best of luck for your future studies at VCU as you continue to pursue your dreams and aspirations. Your hard work and determination will lead you to many successes in the future. We love you, Mom & Dad


Drew Bogan
We are so very proud of you Drew and know this wasn’t how you thought you would graduate. We’ve watched you grow into a respectable young man and are in awe of all your accomplishments so far. ️We wish the best for you at CNU and know you will do great things but are sad you are leaving the nest we love you with all
our heart️️️Love Mom and Dad


Andrew Bielecki
Dear Andrew,
We are so proud of all that you have accomplished and can’t wait to see what the future holds.Go Hokies!
Mom, Dad, Julia and Jovie


Jacqueline Carroll
Jacqui, we are so amazingly proud of the young woman you have become. Your heart is pure, your joy is infectious and we can’t wait to see what wonderful things life has in store for you next as you move forward in the world of education and counseling. The children who will one day be in your classroom will be the luckiest kids ever as our love for children has no bounds. Congratulations on this unprecedented graduation from high school. Things have never been boring with you. This is no different. We will always be here to support you and your dreams. Can’t wait to watch you soar.


Angela Carter
Angela, you have accomplished so much in your years of school. You’ve made top grades, made every honor choir you auditioned for and now you are headed into the world of college. We pray you continue to be strong in faith and grow into the woman God has intended. We love you.


Ashley Casey
So very proud of you!! You’re going to do great things in this world!! Love you with all my heart!


Chase Coppola
Chase, we are so proud of you and also so sorry you have been robbed of this important milestone. You will rise above and go on to do even greater things. Your perseverance and attitude about the absence of
your senior year is something we can all learn from. I love you so much and am so very proud of you. Congratulations!


Adrian Corz
To our son Adrian senior
2020:You were born on 12/11 during the tragedy 9/11 and now you are graduating during this covid-19 pandemic. Your senior year is suddenly ending abruptly but better time will come for you.
Trust in God and believe in yourself. You have made us very proud and happy.
Best of luck in your future. We love you baby. Mom and Dad.


Alexia Cravens
Congratulations to my amazing daughter, Alexia! She has had some challenging few years. Her father and I divorcing, new family, moving out of the family home, dealing with anxiety and depression and stress
of all the AP classes. She is one of the smartest, down to earth, sweetest, kind, caring and loving person you will ever meet. She will be attending JMU and wants to go into psychology to help others. We are so proud of her and love her so much! Love, Mom, Devin and Channing


Adam Demaree
Congratulations Adam! We are so proud of you and everything you have accomplished. We are excited for your future, and we know you’re ready for Rocky Top! Love,
Mom, Dad, Scott, Matthew, and Grandma


Jackson Ford
Congratulations on this major accomplishment, your high school graduation! We are so proud of you! We’ve always known you can do
whatever you set your mind to! Given your senior year ended abruptly with no prom, graduation or ability to say good bye to your friends, you have shown tremendous maturity and we are so proud of you! You are moving on to a new and exciting chapter in your life. As you move onto the next phase, keep adding positive vibes to the world! Grow through whatever you go through. We know you have so much more to offer the world! Love you! Mom & Dad


Kamryn Fyock
Congratulations, Kami! You are an amazing, spirit-filled source of
constant JOY, laughter and blessings to us every day! We are SO proud of you for all you have overcome and accomplished! We are excited to see how you will “live a life of significance” at CNU this fall!! You have our love, support, and prayers always! – Mama, Dad, and Kayla xo
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3: 5-6


Zoë Gittings
Congratulations on your graduation. We are thrilled to be celebrating
with you as you move on to your next big adventure. We are so proud of
your accomplishments over the last twelve years and can’t wait to
see what wonders the future has in store for you. We wish you all the
best in college. We love you!
Love, Mom & Dad


Stephen Gilbert
We couldn’t be more proud of you! We have enjoyed watching you grow as student, as a swimmer, as a friend, as a brother and as a son. You are
truly becoming the person God made you to be. Although high school ended abruptly your future has just begun. We are excited to see what God has planned for you. Be bold, be strong, God is with you wherever you go!Love, Mom & Dad


Lauren Glass
Lauren, We are so proud of you! Congratulations on your high school
graduation! We wish you all the best as you start this next chapter!
Love, Mom, Dad, Lindsey, and Jamieson


Ben Goldring
Congratulations Ben! We are so proud of you! We can’t wait to see the amazing things you do at James Madison University next year! Go Dukes!
Love from Dad, Mom, Max, and Sienna


Jake Hamacher
Congratulations Jake on finishing your senior year! All your hard work and determination both in the classroom and on the track have paid off! We are all SOOOOOOOOO proud of you Jake and we love you more than
you will ever know! We know that the Lord has great plans for your
future at CSU and we are excited for you as you start this next
chapter of your life!  We love you and congratulations!


Christian Harman
Congratulations Christian we are so proud of you & can”t wait to watch your journey!
Love you, Mom, Dad & Spencer


Kelly Nicole Howell
We are so very proud of you. I know this isn’t how you saw your senior year ending but we will always be here to help you make all
your dreams come true. We love you, Mom and Dad.


Grace Hubler
Grace we are so proud of you and all the hard work you have put in
over the years to graduate so well. You are not only graduating with high academic honors but incredible character and values. We can’t wait to see the awesome purpose God continues to develop in your life through your studies in Interior Design at Liberty University and beyond. We love you.


Chase Jaramillo
I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished over the last 4 years. I know this is not how you wanted to end your Senior year but I know you will persevere as you have with other obstacles. I look forward to what the future holds for you at Virginia Tech! Congratulations!
Love, Mom


Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth, we know that the resilience and strength you have developed over the past few years will serve you well as you take on new challenges and adventures at Virginia Tech. We are endlessly proud of you and we can’t wait to see how you continue to grow, lead and serve! Ut Prosim! Love, Mom, Dad and Hannah


Abby Jordan
This school year may not have ended the way you wanted, but we have never been more proud of you. Amazing things await you at VT, and we know you have a very bright future ahead. We are excited for all of the things you will do to change the world. Keep working hard and stay true to the incredible young lady that you are and nothing will be able to stop you! We love you!
Mom, Dad, Mel, and Lilo


Kendall Kiersey
Congratulations Kendall!


Robert D. Keel
Congratulations Bobby! We are all proud of you!


Xavier King
Congratulations Xavier! You are truly blessed! You have made it through even when you thought you couldn’t. Please keep believing in yourself and believing that you can do anything with God by your side.
Continue to have faith and press towards your mark. We love you and are so proud of you. We are praying for your continued success at Shenandoah University.


Ethan Kronthal
Dear Ethan,
We are so proud of you! We can’t wait to see all of the amazing
things you will do at Penn State in the fall. Congratulations!
Dad, Mom, and David


Imagine Love
We are so proud of you. You are intelligent, hard working, curious,
witty, empathetic, compassionate, hilarious, independent, and a host of other adjectives this page can’t accommodate. One of your Patriot High School teachers said it best; you are “a wonderful human being”. We are all grateful to have you in our lives and we know you will do
well in this thing called life. Keep reaching for the moon, for you
are already a star.


Juliana A Marquez
The year did not end in anyway as planned, however, I know that this journey will just add to your toolbox of skills needed to write your own story. As you new chapter begin we want to wish you the best of lucks.Love, Mom, Dad & Sharleene.


Jacob Neal
We are so proud of you! All of your hard work in school and swimming
had paid off and you were looking forward to spending the last few
months of school enjoying being with your friends, swimming at meets, submitting your work for the art show, going to prom and walking across that stage for your diploma. While none of those things happened, you have learned that not everything goes your way. Facing this challenge will make you and your classmates stronger!


Param Nigam
We wish you the best as you step ahead towards new challenges in life.
Congrats & may all your other dreams be fulfilled.


Anjali Nijjar
Dear Anjali,
We are proud of you beyond measure. You are talented artist, our resident tech support, a hard worker, and most importantly, you have a thoughtful and kind heart.  Your journey at PHS has ended, but your adulthood is just beginning!  We have all the confidence in the world that you will be very successful in college and beyond! God Bless you on this journey and in life.  We love you,
Dad, Mom, and Aaryanna


Hannah Nugent
Dear Boo,
Congratulations on your graduation! Know without a doubt that you were made for great things. The road ahead will have its share of obstacles, but you’re incredibly ambitious and strong to overcome
anything that comes your way. Enjoy your next adventure at Bridgewater
College. Some advice for you: No one can win every battle, but no one should fall without a struggle. Choose to run towards your problems, and not away from them. Because that’s what heroes do. And remember our secret; we are always angry. Love, Daddy, Mommy & JoJo


Shea O’Connell
Congratulations Shea, we couldn’t be more proud that you are our
daughter. You’re going to do great things at VCU!Love, Mom and Dad


Elizabeth Ozark
Congratulations on your graduation! We know the year did not end the way you envisioned but we are so proud of the way you handled the
situation. Your resilience and perseverance will take you far in life. Always remember to be kind, be humble, and be true to you! We love you! Love, Dad, Mom, Emma, and Olivia


Caleb Paarfus
We are so proud of you and can’t wait to watch you continue to chase your dreams! You are going to do big things! Congratulations Class of 2020!


Justin Peterson
Justin, a varsity football and lacrosse player, an officer of NHS, the Co-President of Beta Club, and a member of Patriot Singers, will be attending the Virginia Military Institute where he will play football and study Civil Engineering in the fall. We are so proud of you Justin for all your hard work, determination and accomplishments on and off
the field. We wish you the very best as you begin your new chapter and exciting future. Congratulations!!


Timothy Porterfield
To grade 13 and beyond! Save your fork the best is yet to come! We are so proud of you.


Noah Sarmiento
This is the last year of high school, but learning never ends. As you grow, you will continue to meet new people, gain new friends, experience new things, and learn new skills. Take time to reflect and see how far you’ve come. Be excited about the possibilities ahead of you. Work hard, do your best, and take chances. We are always here for
you. You are our pride and joy!
Love, Mom & Dad


Jordan Scheerle
WE are so proud of you!
Can’t wait to see what the next 4 years have in store for you. We love you! Mom, Dad & Megan


Alexa Smith
Your family could not be more proud of the person you are, your big
heart, and your unlimited potential. We are very excited for your
future! Love,
Mom, Dad, Vincent and Bentley


Sam Simms
It was a long road to get to this point, but you made it! Congratulations on your graduation day! We are so proud of you!
Love, Mom & Dad


Brian Soriano
Congratulations Brian, I am proud to see that you have closed this first chapter of your life and now you prepare to start the most
difficult because it will not be easy but it will be very rewarding
when you finish your career and feel very proud of what you were able to achieve we love you till the end


Elizabeth Sullivan
We are so proud of you! Congratulations!


Jake Stelmack
This has been a crazy year but you pulled through and made it happen. I’m super proud of you and love you to pieces. Congratulations!! Big hugs and looking to a bright future.
– Mom


Matthew Trapani
Matthew, We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. During this time of uncertainty, you have proven to be a warrior accepting all of the challenges that have been in your way. You will do amazing at JMU and we look forward to continuing to watch you shoot for the stars. Congratulations! Love, Mom, Dad and Abby


Drew VanDenburg
Congratulations Drew! The days were long, senior year too short, but you persevered. You are our dog whisperer, organizer, rational thinker, sports statistician. Wise beyond your years, reflective, quick with the dry humor…who will keep us in line now? “I have no regrets. The end.” Onward to VCU and the business world! So proud of
you buddy! Love, Dad, Mom, Kyle and Wade.


Valeria Vargas
Valeria .. you are resilient, smart, strong and fierce! You have
overcome so much adversity with the loss of your dad, cousin and now
shining through this epidemic! You are graduating with honors and soon
to accomplish your goal of becoming a physician! Im so incredibly
proud of you and know that you will reach all your goals!
VCU here we come!


Hagen Weaver
We are so incredibly proud of all you have accomplished, the man you are becoming, and can’t wait to see what the future holds! We Love You


Tyler Zimmerman
Congratulations Tyler!! We are so proud of you! Love Mom and Dad

Stonewall Jackson High School

Ryanne Fauls
I want to Congratulate you on all of your accomplishments throughout your school career. You are one of the strongest kids I know and every day you impress me with your gifts of love, caring, resiliency, fight,
and the big heart you have for yourself and your fellow peers. You
deserve the best and with this fight and the challenge this has put in
front of you, you still show that you will not let life knock you
down, you have stayed positive, kept your head up and moved forward with what needs to be done, I couldn’t be more proud! I love you and I am so excited for what your future holds.
#ClassOf2020 Love, MOM

Skyler Morgan
Congratulations Skyler! We are so proud of you and everything you’ve
achieved. We love you so much and can’t wait to bug you down at
James Madison University.Love, Mom, Vanessa, Hunter, Brixton, Mama, and Sumo.
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