Evanescence, Lindsey Stirling with Orchestra Showcase Extraordinary Talent

Amy Lee of Evanescence performs at the piano during her July 24, 2018 Jiffy Lube Live “Synthesis Live” concert. (Photo credit: Stacy Shaw of Bristow Beat.)

Multifaceted music artist Lindsey Stirling put on a spectacular show at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, July 24, while Evanescence’s Amy Lee demonstrated her superior vocal abilities.

The show, “Synthesis Live” demonstrated the artistry, natural and developed talent of the two women, and offered the audience a rare concert experience of witnessing an alternative rock orchestral concert.

Lindsey Stirling was the breakout star, wowing audiences with a stellar violin performance while dancing to awe-inspiring choreography in front of a fantastical backdrops; but first, audiences got to experience Evanescence in a new way.


Evanescence is known for its dark rock ballads performed by female vocalist Amy Lee. The band came onto the music scene strong in the early 2000s with their album Fallen. which had four hit singles, two of which were featured in the Daredevil movie.

Amy Lee sings with Evanescence and a full orchestra at Jiffy Lube Live. (Photo: Stacy Shaw)

In 2017, Evanescence released their fourth album, Synthesis. It included previously released songs performed with an orchestra as well as some new songs. In her Live Nation tour with Lindsey Sterling, Lee worked with Synthesis producer and electronicist Will Hunter, cellist and composure Dave Eggar and conductor Susie Seiter to bring “Synthesis Live” to life.

Amy Lee is a diva, and Evanescence’s performance demonstrated the power of her operatic voice. It is worth seeing Evanescence if only to appreciate the depth of Lee’s talent.

Lee also has a commanding presence. In her black gown, she appeared a sorcerer enchanting her audience. The music worked well with the orchestral accompaniment, although some might miss the more rock aspects of Evanescence’s previous work.

What was lacking in the show was variety. Lee stands at the microphone most of the show. It is refreshing to see her sit down at the piano, but regrettably the show did not feature more of her musicianship, or offer more variety in its playlist.

Fans sang along to “Wake Me Up Inside” and “My Immortal” two Evanescence’s early hits, but they were not treated to other fan-favorites such as “Going Under” as the concert was limited to songs on the Synthesis album.

Evanescence did surprise with a rendition of The Beatles “Across the Universe” a nice contrast in tone to the more melancholy playlist. It was disappointing that at the end of the show Evanescence was not featured in the encore.

Hi-Lo” with Amy Lee Lindsey Stirling was a high point in the set, showcasing Lee’s amazing voice, and giving the audience a first taste of Sterling’s upcoming performance.



Lindsey Stirling 

Initially it seemed odd that Stirling was the real headliner not Evanescence, a band that has been around longer and has arguably more name recognition. However, as soon as Stirling came on stage, it became apparent that she had made the show her own.

Lindsey Stirling performs to “Moon Dance” at jiffy Lube Live on July 26. (Photo credit: Stacy Shaw)

Stirling is as high-energy as they come, and she’s a triple threat- violinists, composure and dancer. And like Lee, Stirling also casts a spell; however, unlike Lee, she does not hail from center-stage. Rather, she plays the part of the rogue nymph, gleefully frolicking around the stage, striking acrobatic poses while continuing to play her enchanting violin.

Soon, you’re entranced. The music tells epic stories of fair, ice-princesses, zombie possession or wild-west showdowns. The music, the pageantry, the lights and costume together create a sight to be hold. It’s a modern ballet for an audience who needs to be constantly entertained.

The stories followed along with Stirling’s music videos, which are aesthetically beautiful and extremely creative, and helped launch her career. Each piece told a story, and the music, dance, costumes and backdrop all worked together to create the mood.

Stirling’s set played off themes in her song, “Moon Dance” took place in a graveyard, “Crystallize” was reminiscent of Else’s ice castle in Frozen.

But even the videos cannot capture the enormity of Stirling’s talent. One has to see her live to see how she can play and dance at the same time, and do so in such a spirited way, it’s a sight to behold.

By the end of the night the audience was on its feet and stayed there to witness the encore, a Phantom of the Opera medley.

Everything works well to create this spritely show, but Sterling’s dancers deserve special recognition. It’s proof that modern dance is moving and poetic and that “art” with a capital A does have a place in popular culture.


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