Patriot Students Perform Musical Comedy, “Little Shop of Horrors”

Eric Gordon, who painted and Gabe Yelanjian, who built the four creatures, are featured inside the mouth of Audrey II at 3/4 her total size.

Patriot High School drama students will perform the musical dark comedy “Little Shop of Horrors” on May 2, 3, and 4 at 7 p.m. in Patriot’s theatre/auditorium.

“I’ve wanted to do this one for a very long time,” said director Kathryn Facemire. “I loved this movie as a kid, and based on last year, I knew that we had really strong singers for the lead cast.”

It was also a chance to explore a fun, quirky genre. “Little Shop” is a mix of comedy, romance and horror modeled after 1950s B-movies.

“It’s a satire of the science fiction B-movies and the Faust legend (of the man who sells his soul to the devil). Even though it’s satire, it’s supposed to still be performed with sincerity; because after all, it’s a love story,” Facemire explained.

It’s a love story between Seymour, the sweet, mousy horticulturist, and good-looking, Audrey, who is stuck in an abusive relationship with a sadistic, bad boy dentist. Audrey is seemingly out of Seymour’s league, but the fame and fortune his ever-growing plant is bringing him could change all that.

Despite the musical’s campy nature, it offers some surprisingly in-depth characters grappling with the nature of good and evil. Will Scheid, who plays Seymour, explained him as “kind of shy and insecure at first, and a real nerd.” Scheid likes that his character changes so much, while holding onto his “good intentions.”

Audrey (Kaelin Carreiro) is shocked by the treatment stepfather and shop owner, Mr. Mushnik (DJ Davis) gives Seymour (Will Scheid.)

Kaelin Carreiro also sympathizes were her character, believing Audrey“just wants to be happy;” however, she is constantly doubting that she deserves a good life. Carreiro believes Audrey has always loved Seymour, and plays the character as though she likes him, even if she hasn’t admitted it to herself.

Meanwhile, Carl Stover enjoys playing villainous Orin Scrivello D.D.S, the epitome of evil.

“It’s a blast. He’s sadistic, masochistic, satanic and insane; he’s perfect. And, he’s addicted to laughing gas.”

And of course, everyone is excited about the creature, the Venus flytrap, known to Seymour as Audrey II.

“You usually don’t get the opportunity to build a giant man-eating plant. That was just a bonus,” Facemire said.

Sophomore Gabe Yelanjian built four man-eating flytraps with the help of his “extremely handy” father. Yelanjian’s full-grown creature is eight feet tall, as wide as a car, and according to him, big enough for a person to walk right into its mouth.

Sadistic, abusive boyfriend, Orin, is also a dentist. Played by Carl Stover.

Because of its ginormous size, Yelanjian, who also acts as the plant’s puppeteer, had to apply counter weights to move the giant plant. While he is puppeteering Audrey II, Anne Oyhenart will be voicing and singing “her” parts from off stage.

Oyhenart had to have a strong voice to bring Audrey II to life. However, she is not the only singer Facemire is raving about. In fact, she admits choosing this script to showcase the vocal talents she knew she had after last year’s musical.

Facemire said the show requires an ensemble of girls with really strong voices to play the “doo-op girls,” who act as the Greek chorus throughout the musical.

All in all, the cast is quite large with 42 total ensemble members who were chosen from the over 70 students who auditioned.

But, one Doo-op girl, Brittney Cassandra, thinks people should really come out to see the musical she describes as unexpected.

Doo-op girls, orphans at St. Sebastian's, act as the Greek Chorus for the play. Doo-op girls are: Laura Kline, Tristan Gulley-Davenport, Bailey Dismore, Alexandra Lazarescu-Bica, Ana Victoria Dua and Kaelin Carreiro as Audrey.

“You hear ‘Little Shop of Horrors,’ and you think it’s going to be bloody and gory, but there’s two different stories going on,” Cassandra said.

On the other hand, the cast warns that it’s not your typical happy romantic comedy; it’s something more sinister than that.

Tickets can be purchased at the door for $7, starting at 6:15 p.m. on May 2,3 and 4. Readers can refer to the Patriot High School website for more information.


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