Students Shine in Glenkirk’s Got Talent! 2017

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Liam Driscoll plays guitar onstage at Glenkirk’s Got Talent!

Submitted by Glenkirk Parent

More than three dozen elementary students took to the stage Wednesday, Oct. 25, proving that Glenkirk’s Got Talent! The two-hour show, sponsored by the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), featured third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade singers, musicians, dancers, a beatboxer, a Tae Kwon Do demonstration and more.

“I am always impressed by the shy student who is brave enough to audition and perform in front of everyone and also by the student who has a talent that I didn’t know about before the Talent Show,” said Shelly Reagan, Glenkirk music specialist who is in her fourth year working with talent show. “I enjoy seeing returning acts such as our gymnasts and dancers, because I see their improvement and growth from the year before.”

Fifth grade Irish dancer Anna Weaver danced a hard shoe jig to Ed Sheeran’s “Nancy Mulligan” in her third – and final – school performance. Also making their final fifth-grade dancing performances were Lauren Flohrs and Hailey Ganoe who sparkled on stage dancing to The Greatest and Lexi Penenburgh and Sierra Clancy who danced to a True Colors and Hair Up. Making her Glenkirk debut was Aubrey Tauzier, who showed off her tap skills to Old MacDonald Jazz.

“I always hope for kids to step outside the box,” said Samantha Fulda, the fourth-year talent show committee chair. “I’m always looking for the kid who is a little bit different or unique to have a moment to shine. Those are the performances the audience loves and remembers.”

This year, the Glenkirk performers delivered! Hailey Butler amazed the audience with her magic show. Landon Deval wowed them with his beatboxing. And Moustafa and Nora El Sayed brought the thunder with their Tae Kwon Do demonstration.

As in years past, numerous students brought their instrumental skills to the stage.

“I was thrilled to see a greater depth of instrumentalists this year and watch some students stretch themselves,” said Fulda.

This year, two guitarists took to the stage to show off very different styles of play. Liam Driscoll plugged in his electric guitar and rocked out with Ramble Tamble. Aditya Arora unplugged and captivated the audience with his acoustic Snow Flight.

On a different set of strings, Yeju Kim played Mosquito Dance on violin. Other classical acts included pianists Ritvik Upadhaya, Sara Lepore, Arianna Williams and Rebecca Cheng.

“The best moment of the show for me was watching the face of one particularly nervous performer,” said Fulda. “She had struggles in rehearsals and when she hit her final note perfectly in performance, her smile could have lit up the entire school.”

New among vocalists this year was Caelyn Driscoll who sang Firework. A few fifth graders also sang their swan songs: Elodie Brox and Sara Farej sang Sad Song, Dexter Corcoran channeled Taylor Swift with Mean, and Meredith Dumais again stunned the crowd with her sweet voice singing How Far I’ll Go.

“The highlight of the entire experience is seeing the excitement of the students for this event, whether they are an act or part of the stage crew, they are always so excited to be part of this event,” said Reagan.

Fulda led the 20-student stage crew.

“Kids are talented in so many ways, and a school day can only highlight and develop so many of them,” she said. “Opportunities like this for students to really show off their unique abilities are what we need to build a student body and a community that is accepting of others for all of their talents, not just those that fit the mainstream. Art, at its best, brings us together to celebrate our diversity. A talent show, when done right, is a perfect example of that in action.”

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