PWC GOP Committee Chairman Responds to Candidate’s Criticism of Party

| September 30, 2014 | 0 Comments | Breaking News

Prince William Republican Committee Chairman Bill Card meets with Republican statesmen. Image from the Prince William Republican Committee website.

Bill Card, Chairman of the Prince William Republican Committee, responded to criticism of his committee’s process to elect their candidate as contained within Scott Jacobs’ announcement of his run as an Independent candidate.

Card released the following statement:

We’re not upset that Mr. Jacobs has chosen to run as an Independent. However, I’m greatly disappointed that Scott has decided to criticize the Republican Party and our nomination process. From the beginning, our process was fair and open. In fact, Scott and his campaign were a part of deciding the process from the very start. Mr. Jacobs actually agreed with a Mass Meeting and the filing details at the June 23 meeting that the Committee decided this nomination process.

Card urged Jacobs to reconsider his statements, while offering his own criticism of how Jacobs responded to the disqualification.

“His victim attitude and refusal to accept responsibility is unbecoming of a Supervisor. I hope Mr. Jacobs retracts his comments about our Party and process. In Prince William County, we value responsibility no matter what our Party affiliation is,” Card said late Tuesday afternoon.

Jacobs announced he would run as an Independent this morning after receiving word that the Prince William Republican Committee determined he was disqualified from being considered as the Republican candidate for not filing his paperwork on time and according to their specifications.


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