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Bristow Dunkin Donuts Recognizes Teachers this April

| April 13, 2017 | 0 Comments | Bristow Biz

Manager Glenn Lopez smiles with staff members Karson Perenic and Claire Shiflet.

By Stacy Shaw

During the second half of April, Mondays are “Teachers Appreciation Days” at Dunkin Donuts located in Braemar Village Plaza off Sudley Road in Bristow.

This means all educators will receive a 10 percent discount on April 17 and 24 when they show their employee IDs.

According to store manager Glenn Lopez, teachers are among Dunkin Donuts’ best costumers. As such, he wants to demonstrate his gratitude to them for helping to make Bristow’s local Dunkin Donuts a successful store.

Teachers routinely come to Dunkin Donuts between 6:30 and 8 a.m. weekday mornings, said Lopez. Often, they run into students during the morning rush to pickup breakfast and coffee before school.

Lopez wants to tell his most loyal customers “thank you” and reward them for what they do everyday to help their students and the community. It is another way in which Lopez hopes to make Dunkin Donuts Bristow’s neighborhood coffee spot.

Lopez is dedicated to going above and beyond for his customers as evidenced by Bristow Dunkin Donuts’ colorful spring decorations and festive bunny ears the employees have been wearing. It is all a part of making the Bristow Dunkin Donuts a warm and welcoming environment – something that has been Lopez’s goal for the store.

Behind the counter, his employees say he creates a fun environment.

Claire serves customer during the afternoon shift.

“Glenn is such an amazing manager,” said Claire Shiflet “Everyone loves him.”

Staff member Karson Perenic, agrees, believing the store has improved under his leadership.

“We’ve transformed because of Glenn,” said Perenic, explaining not only has the staff noticed, but her friends now frequent the store as well.

Lopez is pleased by the store’s success. His goal has been to have customers served quickly, while making sure they get exactly what they ordered – all while providing service with a smile. Then, patrons can choose to rush off or stay, relax and enjoy.

However, it is more than chance, which has led the store to improve. The key has been consistency.

“I came here a lot before,” said Perenic, “but now it’s very consistent.”

Lopez has his staff practicing making drinks until everyone is doing it the same way. “It’s an actual process. We’re going by the book,” Perenic said.

With a successful morning crowd, Lopez is now looking towards the summer. He’s hoping to bring in live music so people can come and relax on warm nights. He also invites his patrons to take a seat at one of the outside tables.

Along with the friendly environment, Lopez suggests Dunkin customers check out seasonal specials and offers via the Dunkin app. April features breakfast sandwiches serves on pretzel buns, and cherry blossom and spring flower donuts iced in pastel colors.

In addition to the Bristow store, Lopez has been made manager of the Dunkin Donuts within the Warrenton Walmart. Patrons should expect the same high level of service there.

Bristow’s Dunkin Donuts is located at 12713 Braemar Village Plaza.

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