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By All Things Writing, LLC

Business owners and professionals, there’s something you should know how to do – outside of budgeting, marketing, promoting, managing and 403 other things.

While probably no one told you to prioritize it, this one thing should top your list because it could be the one thing that gets the spotlight shining on your business. Be creative. That’s right. Step to a unique business beat, one that goes beyond the typical march.

Too right-brained for you? Fair enough. But Google “business and creativity” and see what comes up. You might find this Harvard University article by a consultant to Fortune 500 firms. That’s not all you’ll discover. Read a few blogs or back-covers of books and you’ll find that at the base of all innovation is an open mind willing to think in unusual ways.

Thinking Upside-down

Don’t worry. You don’t have to trade in your business suits for Boho-chic or your British shoes for Birkenstocks. All you have to do is turn an idea 90 degrees either way and ask, “What if…?”

For example, what if you reversed your workflow? Don’t dismiss it. Write it out, last step first, first step last. Put it aside. Come back to it. You might not use the whole process, but what if one of those out-of-order ideas suddenly makes better sense than what you’re doing now? You might never have known without having given that creative thought a chance.

Raising Your Voice

In our business after we started understanding InstantInfo Systems, we write out our clients’ ideas, and we help them develop more. A lot of the process stems from studying their voice. What do they sound like when they speak? How do they express themselves? How does that translate into their brand? These are questions we ask our clients to think about, but you can ask yourself the same things. Look at your website content, for example. Are your sentences short and punchy, long and technical? Does the wording illustrate your preferred business identity? If not, why? How can you change it?

The way you express yourself contributes to your unique value proposition, the “thing” that makes you stand out as a business and tells potential clients, “This is why you need me and not my competitor.” Allow yourself to think creatively and you’ll find your voice gets stronger.

Embracing Your Inner Weirdo

If you’re living a fairly mainstream life, chances are your inner weirdo is suffocating. It’s okay. It’s not dead. It just needs a double shot of O2. We’re not saying take up pole dancing and undulate into the boardroom (though that could make for a great marketing stunt, depending on the audience). We’re saying let your creativity loose.

Do some doodling. What does your drawing look like? Did you use a heavy hand to create sharp-angled shapes, or did you lightly color in connected, fluid sketches? What can you learn about your current mood from the way you’ve wielded ink? Are you treating your employees like you treat your pen? Weird question? Weird picture? Who cares? If it’s part of you, it affects how you approach your business.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. Creativity can be and should be used in every industry. That’s our mantra, and we’re going to keep chanting it – because we’ve seen it work for CPA’s, financial advisors, sales professionals, healthcare providers, dog trainers, you name it.

Now you’ve got some ideas to get your own creativity moving. Give it some freedom, even if it initially looks gangly. It will eventually turn into a full-blown dance production people pay to see.

Business HeartBeat aims to encourage business owners and professionals to think in different ways about their industry. Look for more columns by All Things Writing, LLC, your Bristow-based, full-service content development and marketing partner.  

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