Club Eclipse Relaunches as Adult Bar, Restaurant, Entertainment Venue

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Club Eclipse dining area, courtesy of Club Eclipse, Gainesville, Virginia.

Club Eclipse, under 21-night club, will reopen as an adult restaurant, bar and entertainment venue, Oct. 7.

Jason Flis and Mark Freidrich had a novel idea. They wanted to bring an under 21 dance club to the Gainesville. It would be unique in the Commonwealth and have ample security to make sure it would not attract illegal, dangerous or unwanted behavior.

Club Eclipse, which opened in late July of this year, had an impressive concept, design and entertainment roster, but a slow turnout followed.

“We were completely floored,” said Flis. “It was not what we wanted.”

Perhaps, the club was hindered by the start as parents doubted a dance club would make for a safe environment for minors. On the flip side, Flis heard their tight security and dress code turned off some patrons.

Flis and Freidrich have pivoted, and in one week’s time they will reopen Club Eclipse as a restaurant/bar and entertainment venue with its grand opening on Friday Nov. 10 and Saturday Nov. 11.

“We’re disappointed the kid thing didn’t work out,” said Flis, but “We’re very excited about it at this point. We know it will work as an adult facility.”

Flis believes the restaurant and nightclub has standout features: a night club/lounge atmosphere that’s rare in the suburbs; a dance floor and a great menu. The club is designed for dancing, entertainment and fun, offering the atmosphere for special nights when people want more than just dinner and conversation.

“We’re going to offer more entertainment, live entertainment more than any other facility around. The atmosphere is above any other bar and restaurant [in the area],” said Flis. “Just the look of the facility is very upscale, and it’s a friendly and inviting facility.”

The restaurant will open every night. After 9 p.m., the bar and restaurant becomes 21 and older only. Friday nights will mainly feature live D.J. music. Saturday nights will feature live bands. Club Eclipse will hold comedy nights as well, and Thursdays are lady’s nights.

Club Eclipse is also able to hold corporate functions and various types of parties.

Club Eclipse still features the aspects that made it unique as an under 21 club: a huge glowing bar, large dance floor, lounge area and video game lounge. They have since added a pool table.

The club, bar and restaurant is also conveniently located near Jiffy Lube Live.

Flis hopes the pivot offers a fun atmosphere that will attract adults looking to have a good time at someplace special without having to go out to D.C. or neighboring cities.

Friday’s opening will feature live D.J. Music. Saturday night is The Screaming Monkeys.

Club Eclipse is located at 5615 Wellington Road, Suite 101, in Gainesville, Virginia.


This article has been corrected to show opening dates in November. 

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