Duck Donuts Opens to Brisk Business in Bristow

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Owners Ryan Slopper and Larry Scherer (in white) with employees ....

Owners Ryan Slopper and Larry Scherer (L-R in white) with employees Brynn and Dylan (L-R in blue) check out a customer during their soft opening, Aug. 24.

When at 5:45 a.m. Monday franchise owners Ryan Slopes and Larry Scherer opened the doors of Duck Donuts at Bristow Center for their soft opening, they found one customer eagerly waiting outside.

The individual told them he had driven by each morning, hoping to see that the donut shop with origins on the Outer Banks of North Carolina had opened. August 24 proved to be her lucky day.

Slopes and Scherer decided to launch a secretive “soft opening” for the freshly-baked donut shop to ease in their employees on their first day on the job.

But, that did not mean they were short on customers. The neighborhood soon discovered Duck Donuts had opened and residents spread the word via social media, text messages and old-fashioned word of mouth.

Mom, Angela, with her sons (counter-clockwise) Judah, Micah and Isaih, enjoy donuts on the first day of the shop's opening.

Mom, Angela, with her sons (counter-clockwise) Judah, Micah and Isaiah, enjoy donuts on the first day of the shop’s opening.

Slopers expected customers right away. The store’s announce had been met with great fan-fair over social media. Residents responded with enthusiasm, both because the place reminded them of vacation times at the Outer Banks, and because the donuts are unique: made to order and baked fresh in front of the customers.

The enthusiasm inspired some to drive through Bristow Center waiting for the store to open.

“A lot of people have been rolling through the parking lot over the past couple of months,” Sloper said.

Between passer-bys and those who learned of the opening, Duck Donuts received a steady stream of customers.

Inside Duck Donuts, Sloper explained the operation. Customers choose from an array of “coatings” for their donuts. These include seven different icings flavors, two powered sugar coatings, a glaze or bare donuts. Next, they choose toppings, such as sprinkles, shredded coconut, even bacon pieces.

All donuts are prepared in front of the customers via an assembly-line process.

All donuts are prepared in front of the customers via an assembly-line process.

Customers can also choose to order a featured donut, be that the “donut of the day” or an original concoction they have previously tried.

Next, an assembly line of Duck Donut employees creates the donut within view of the customers. Patrons can witness the donuts being mixed, baked, hand dipped and topped. When the individual’s donut is done, he or she also gets the chance to approve it before it is served hot or packaged to go.

According to Sloper, those who had been to Duck Donuts before simply dug in, while he had to explain the process to first-time visitors.

For those who had never tried Duck Donuts, Sloper advised, “get an assortment; try a little bit of everything.” He said the biggest difference customers will find is that their donuts are cake based and served hot and fresh.

Mike Dempsey, his son Owen, and daughter, Brynn, were excited to enjoy their first Duck Donuts donut.

Mike Dempsey, his son, Owen, and daughter, Brynn, were excited to enjoy their first Duck Donuts donut.

The donuts come packaged individually, as a half dozen, a dozen or a “bucket” order of 18-donuts. The donuts are not served in a bucket; it is a term used in the original store in Duck, located near the beach.

Around 11:30 a.m. patrons of the Bristow store were excited to try the donuts.

Mike Dempsey came in which his two children and ordered a donut with chocolate frosting and bacon toppings. He had never tried Duck Donuts before.

“It should be fun. We have never been to the Outer Banks, but we had heard [about Duck Donuts.] We decided to swing by,” Dempsey said.

After taking his first warm bite, he said, “It’s very good. You can’t get any more fresh than that.”

Donuts are mixed and friend in view of the customers.

Donuts are mixed and fried in view of the customers.

One woman who lives in New Bristow Village explained that she had just moved to Bristow. When she told friends she was moving to Virginia, they told her to see if Northern Virginia had a Duck Donuts. She found a few in Fairfax County. Now she is pleased to have one practically in her backyard where she can take her son.

“We’ve been going to the Herdon one just so we can get our fix, so we’re exciting there’s one in the neighborhood,” she said.

Besides donuts, Duck Donuts also sells breakfast sandwiches, coffees and lattes and a Donut ice-cream sundae.

Monday’s featured donut was an almond joy- chocolate icing with nuts and coconut shavings.

Duck Donuts is open 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays.

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