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Dunkin Donuts Strives to Be Bristow’s Local Coffee Shop

| January 25, 2017 | 0 Comments | Bristow Biz
Manager Glenn Lopez serves coffee to go to a local customer.

Manager Glenn Lopez serves coffee to go to a local customer at the Bristow Dunkin Donuts.

By Stacy Shaw

Glenn Lopez, the new manager of Dunkin Donuts in Braemar Village Plaza, hopes to make Dunkin Bristow’s new neighborhood coffee shop.

Lopez formerly worked for the coffee shop that previously occupied the space, so remembers how people loved to meet there for coffee and food.

“In the past, everyone would just go there at evening times, after work, or mid-days while dropping off kids. High schoolers stopped by, just drinking hot chocolate and doing their homework,” Lopez said.

Now, as the manager of Dunkin, he has begun seeing some of the same familiar “Basically, the clientele has not changed.”

However, for those who have not thought about Dunkin as a coffeehouse, Lopez is asking them to stop in to use the free WiFi or to chat with friends.

Husband and wife sit down for Dunkin Donuts' coffee on a Tuesday morning.

Husband and wife sit down for Dunkin Donuts’ coffee on a Tuesday morning.

To facilitate the coffee shop atmosphere, Lopez is focused on customer service.

“We’re making it more a personal, friendly Dunkin,” he explained, saying his servers won’t just ask, ‘how can I help you,” but will get to know their customers.

Lopez knows how closely knit Braemar is, and he hopes to make Dunkin an extension of that community as well as a place for those who live and work in and around Bristow.

“Basically everyone knows everyone [around here],” Lopez said. “Staff might know you and have your drink ready by the time you get there. Better service, beyond customer service- that’s what I’m looking for.”

And, in the three months, since he taken over management of the store, Lopez believes he made it more community centered. They recently participated in spirit week with Bristow Run Elementary School, and he hopes to partner with other community schools, businesses and organizations

Baby prepares drinks for guests behind the counter.

Baby prepares drinks for guests behind the counter.

Lopez is proud he and his staff have already attracted a loyal customer base of workers, teachers and students who stop in during the morning rush. The Bristow Dunkin fits the needs of commuters because its quick, convenient an offers a friendly atmosphere.

Lopez also believes in the Dunkin Donuts brand. He explained that Dunkin is a great cost-efficient place to get that café drink or tasty treat. Now with the ‘Dunkin On the Go’ mobile app, customers can pay using their phone while keeping track of their spending and earning Dunkin Donut Perks.

“Use it and redeem it. I use it myself when I go to different Dunkins. You never have to use a physical card, you can just use your mobile app,” Lopez said.

Blue icing with white drizzle signals winter.

Blue icing with white drizzle signals winter.

Dunkin Donuts is unique in that it is neutral in the donut wars. At Dunkin a cake-donut-lovers and dough-donut-lovers can share a table. Dunkin Donuts has a wide array of donuts, so there’s something for everyone, including those who like donut holes, sprinkles, jelly or cream filled donuts.

The Bristow Dunkin Donuts bakes their donuts every morning and throughout the day as needed. Their coffee and café drinks come in a variety of flavors as one would find in a small café or large franchise. Plus, breakfast never ends at Dunkin where egg sandwiches are sold all day long.

A dozen or two Dunkin Donuts makes the perfect treat to treat one’s office, class or with whomever they spend their mornings. And the icing on the cake is that the icing

Glenn Lopez and his staff hope to offer everyone superior customer service.

Glenn Lopez and his staff hope to offer everyone superior customer service.

is always festive and reflective of the season.

Readers are welcomed to stop in the Bristow Dunkin Donuts, located at 12713 Braemar Village Plaza and sit and stay awhile.

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