Gainesville Okra’s to Close in Mid-December

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Okra’s Bistro from 9th green (Courtesy of Okra’s.)

The owner of Okra’s Bistro Gainesville has announced that the restaurant will be closing, Dec. 18, due to a cease and desist order from Prince William County.

Gainesville Okra’s in Virginia Oaks is the second location for the independently owned creole and cajun restaurant, with the first being in Old Town Manassas within the City of Manassas. Gainesville Okra’s took over the Virginia Oak’s Country Club restaurant space in May. The restaurant was in the club house formerly belonging to a golf court rumored to be near closing.

Although the restaurant was located within a residential community, its zoning license was predicated on being situation along a golf course. 

“The [cease and desist] order is based upon the fact that our building is zoned as a ‘support building for a golf course,’” reads Okra’s Bistro Gainesville Facebook post. “As the golf course has closed, there is no active zoning for the building. Therefore we must go.”

“Life gave us lemons so we want to make some lemonade!” wrote Okra’s owner Charles Gilliam.

He implores his loyal guests to have a few more “good times, memories, and great deals over the short time we have left to be part of the Gainesville community,” and suggests a grand finale show with “high profile rock stars.” Specifically, he asks fans of the restaurant to visit five times to support his staff and use up his inventory.

He also asks that people donate Christmas decorations as it will not be worth the investment since they will be closing so soon.

Upon opening, owner Gilliam praised the location for its scenic view of the pond and ample space for events and business meetings.

However, the opening was not heralded by all. Many Virginia Oak residents had concerns that the restaurant would bring too much traffic through their otherwise residential community, more so than the golf course and club house had.

Nonetheless, Gilliam tried hard to make Okra’s, already known for its food, a destination spot within the Gainesville area.

“I have enjoyed getting to know you as a community and have made some good friends in the process. I expect that I will be spending more time in my Manassas location implementing some of the ideas that have been successful in Gainesville.”

He said he may seek another location for Okra’s, saying it is something he hopes for especially for dedicated employees. 

Gilliam also invites Gainesville guests of Okra’s to keep up with happenings at the Manassas restaurant where they have scheduled several live music nights, and offer a similar creole/cajun menu in a more urban but nonetheless scenic venue. 

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