Hayes Brothers Brings Live Antiques, Collectibles Auctions to Nokesville

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Members of the Hayes Brothers team present items at live auction.

By Stacy Shaw

Live auctions are coming to Nokesville. 

Hayes Brothers Auctions will hold monthly live auctions of antiques and collectibles at the Renaissance Montessori School at 12625 Fitzwater Drive, formerly Nokesville Elementary School.

Hayes Brothers Auctions has already held one successful auction in its new location, and the owners hope to keep the momentum going.

The company will hold its second auction, Saturday Aug. 5. The auction begins at 10 a.m., and is expected to run until 2 p.m. Doors open at 8 a.m. so buyers can preview items. The event is free to attend.

Auction owner Tony Hayes and his brothers grew up in the antiques business, learning from their father, Roger, a well-known antique dealer in Northern Virginia.

“I’ve just been around antiques for so long. My father was in this business for almost 50 years,” said Hayes. “Everyone knows our name because of him.”

Hayes has been carrying on the family tradition, running regular live auctions in Front Royal over the past seven years.

Bringing the auction to his hometown is something he has wanted to do, and he could not think of a better location than Nokesville. “This is where I grew up. This is where I live.”

Hayes was also happy to place his auctions within the Renaissance Montessori School to help the school and its students.

However, Hayes is not just holding an auction for Nokesville; he believes his auctions could rival any in the region.

Hayes Brothers Auctions specializes in quality furnishings and antiques people want for their homes as well as collectible items such as toys.

Items range in price. Some items cost thousands of dollars, when others can go for $5 or $10 dollars. It creates an atmosphere where everyone can find something he or she can afford.

“There is absolutely something for everyone,” Hayes said.

Their goal is not just to move merchandise. Hayes’ company consigns items that tend to hold their value, if not increase in value over time.

For consigners Hayes believes selling at an auction simplifies the selling process. At the end of the day, sellers know their items will be sold.

“You don’t have to spend days on end trying to send them on yard sale sites,” he said.

Hayes Brothers Auctions attracts those who enjoy antique and consignment shopping and those who enjoy collecting, or those looking for particular pieces.

In many cases, he believes it is a better alternative than buying online. Beyond the merchandise, participating in an auction is an experience in and of itself, explained Hayes.

“It’s exciting to go to an auction and to find something you like and to actually win the bid,” said Hayes. “There’s often competition involved,” and the call of the auctioneer makes it an exciting environment for buying and selling.

People enjoy the atmosphere, and often a community of local auction-goers will form as people getting to know each other through attending the auctions.

Hayes Brothers Auctions takes cash, credit or checks. Buyers can show up early to see the items in person, but they can also visit the company website, Facebook page and zipauction.com to receive more information or preview items.

The Aug. 5 auction features a large collection of pottery. Following the Aug. 5 auction, Hayes Brothers Auctions will begin accepting consignment items for its Sept. 9 auction.

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