Local Comic Book Store Opens at Midnight for DC Comics Relaunch

| May 23, 2016 | 0 Comments | Bristow Biz
Image Courtesy of DC Comics

Image Courtesy of DC Comics

To celebrate the highly publicized relaunch of DC Comics‘ line of superhero comic books, Comics & Gaming of Gainesville is staying open past midnight Tuesday.

The initiative is intended to restore the DC Comic Universe to a state prior to the last reboot, christened the New 52, while retaining the 2011 line-wide relaunch’s continuity.

The store will have for sale the launching point: DC Universe: Rebirth #1.

Rumors (and leaked spoilers) suggest that the comic will have a major plot twist that will excite long-time comic book fans.

“We want to give fans the absolute first crack they can get at the exciting new universe that DC Comics is unveiling,” store manger Ed Alexander said.

At midnight, Comics & Gaming will also be selling all new Marvel and DC titles including DC Rebirth, Scooby Apocalypse and Captain America: Steve Rogers #1.

The store is located at 7556 Gardner Park Drive in Gainesville.

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