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Next Level’s Stroller Fit Helps Moms Exercise with Babies

| December 1, 2013 | 0 Comments | Bristow Biz

Kyle Toth works out with her daughter Kayden in the Stoller Fit class she created at Next Level Fitness.

Because nearly every new mom struggles to find the time and energy to lose the weight gained during pregnancy, Next Level Fitness at 6620 James Madison Highway in Haymarket will now offer Stoller Fit classes for moms and babies.

Next Level Fitness Trainer and former Lingerie Football League star Kyle DeHaven Toth found she had gained 50-pounds while carrying her now 6-month old daughter, Kayden, despite being tremendously in-shape before her pregnancy.

“I couldn’t be happier that I have my daughter, but the physical changes my body went through left me feeling like I could never get my body back,” Toth said. “It’s been tough on me mentally and physically.”

The challenges she faced, combined with her fitness expertise, led Toth to pursue her certification as an AFPA Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist.

However, soon, Toth realized that the challenge of getting her body into shape was secondary to the difficultly of finding the time to exercise. Knowing that other moms faced similar challenges, she felt very strongly about bringing Stoller Fit to Next Level Fitness. Stroller Fit helps moms find time to exercise, while also spending time with their babies.

The Stroller Fit Class, which will initially be offered two days per week for 10-weeks, is designed to give moms a safe workout that will help them get back to their pre-pregnancy weight, feel better mentally and physically, regain core strength, relieve stress and lower the chances of suffering from postpartum depression. Included with the total body workouts are nutrition tips, daily food journals and home workouts.

Toth realizes that taking time to exercise can sometimes serve be a nice break from spending all day as “mom.” However, moms of very young children cannot always get away, and many would  prefer to have their babies within eye sight, which is why Toth said Stoller Fit is perfect for them.

“It’s not a matter of if you can get back in shape; it’s a matter of acknowledging that it is not selfish to take an hour a day for yourself to exercise. No mom should feel guilty about taking time to be healthy,” Toth said.“With Stroller Fit new moms can get healthy and fit with their babies alongside them!”

And unlike some mommy and me classes, the exercises are not just for baby, but are really designed to really get mom back into shape. The Stroller Fit class is structured so that moms can get an intense metabolic workout, but also incorporates baby into a number of exercises. Toth notes a number of advantages of her class over other programs, including nutritional coaching, food journals, recipes, home workouts and personal attention.

Men and women works on strength training at Next Level Fitness in Haymarket.

“As a mom that needs to exercise, I appreciate that I don’t have to drop my baby off in a gym’s daycare. With our program, moms can see their babies while they are working out, and even participate with their baby at certain times during the workout,” Toth said.

Over the next few months, Next Level plans to add a class specifically for expectant moms as well, and Next Level Fitness expects to offer Stroller Fit class year round as long is there is demand for it.

According to owner of Next Level Fitness & Performance, Colby Schreckengost, “We think moms will like Stroller Fit because they can bond with their baby and begin to teach them from a very young age how important exercise is.”

After baby is a year, moms will be encouraged to transition into Next Level’s other adult programs, but according to Schreckengost, “This is a special time between mom and baby and she should be able to enjoy that time without giving up her need for a workout that will de-stress and re-energize her.”

Interested moms should register soon to receive for a 10 percent discount on the class.

The class requires that baby be at least 10-weeks-old as babies will participate in warm up and core exercises. The first Stroller Fit session will run from January 7 through March 14. Anyone with questions is encouraged to call Next Level Fitness as 703-754-0161 or visit their website at The cost of the program is $299, but anyone who registers by December 16 will save 10 percent on their registration fee.

Those interested in registering can call Kyle Toth, Assistant Director of Training and  Stroller Fitness Program Director of Next Level Fitness & Performance at 703-754-0161.

Next Level Fitness offers a variety of other strength and cardio classes for women and men of all ages and fitness levels taught by certified instructors. Those interested in finding out more information about Next Level Fitness can also call the number above.

Based upon article originally written by Stacy DiRocco, Director of Marketing for Next Level Fitness.  






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