Nokesville Woman Creates ‘Be Well’ CBD Company to Help People Reverse their Symptoms

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Tiffany Turley enjoying life again.

Tiffany Turley is a Nokesville mom, businesswoman and MS Warrior who started Be Well by Tiffany to help people take control of their well-being and to reverse their autoimmune diseases through a clean diet, lifestyle changes, meditation and prayer. Tiffany, in her time as a life coach, has met many along her journey who’ve had had dependencies on substances.

She also found an amazing product called UltraCell, which her cousin recommended to help her with her various health problems. UltraCell is full-spectrum, 100% THC free hemp CBD oil.

Tiffany began to take UltraCell, and within two weeks, noticed she noticed it had helped so much with her inflammation, balance, neuropathy in the foot and overall mood that she became a wholesale distributor to make sure everyone had an opportunity to try it.

After suffering from some incredibly strange symptoms in December 2017, Tiffany received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis or “MS.” It is a serious debilitating and progressive disease. Common symptoms include numbness, depression, fatigue, impaired coordination, muscle spasms, pain, memory issues, vision issues, and feeling dizzy and/or off-balance. Permanent nerve damage could even lead to paralysis.

Her doctors immediately recommended a regiment of several different medications, but Tiffany was been determined to find the root cause of the disease.

“That began my quest to find the ‘who, what and why’ of what is happening. Immune systems do not just attack for no reason… why is my immune system so angry and what has offended it to go into attack mode?” Tiffany asked.

Tiffany believed her gut issues were the cause of her MS. She found a holistic doctor who agreed. She thought gut bacteria had made her body attack itself; it was an autoimmune disease.

Under her research and the MS protocol she had found, Tiffany began changing her diet. She cut out gluten, dairy and sugar and then soy, corn and nightshade vegetables: foods she had trouble digesting her whole life. Her MS symptoms started to subside.

Soon she was riding her horse again, playing with her family and enjoying life.

“I’m not a doctor. I’m not certified YET but this is my life, and I’m reversing my symptoms,” Tiffany said.

Her experience has strengthened her belief in natural remedies, and CBD oil is something she recommends for the alleviation of pain, inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety… because it worked for her, and she has experienced no negative side effects whatsoever.

While CBD oil has become mainstream, some still may be reluctant to use it, thinking it comes from the marijuana plant, but this is not true. UltraCell is from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant.

It is legal in Virginia, and it does not get a person high like marijuana. It is safe to take every day the way one would take a multivitamin. “It’s batch tested to make sure there is no THC in it,” said Tiffany.

It is the THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, that causes cannabis’s psychological effects.

Be Well by Tiffany sells Ultra Cell CBD Oils.

In contrast, the hemp plant has something called a phytocannabinoid system, which mirrors the body’s endocannabinoid system or ECS. That system interacts with endocannabinoid receptors, releasing neurotransmitters in one’s brain. These neurotransmitters relay messages between cells and play a role in alleviating pain, immune function, stress and improving sleep.

CBD or cannabidiol oil helps relieve pain and creates a sense of calm and wellbeing. People can take it and go one with their daily business, functioning normally. It has worked for Tiffany in multiple areas.

“It very quickly helped with my balance and with the neuropathy in my foot,” which is when one’s immune system attacks one’s nerves.

It also helps with relaxation, sleep and reversing the inflammatory process in the body. The calming effect is good for people who struggle with stress, anxiety or depression. And it could spur other positive lifestyle changes. It is not addictive like sleep medication.

“We pride ourselves on being so busy,” said Tiffany, but she reminds people it causes damage to the body. “We are not meant to carry around these burdens such as stress, regret, anger that cause inflammation in the body. Remember to rest, find your ‘in the present moment’ even if for 15 minutes during the workday.”

Between the CBD oil and the changes in diet, Tiffany has been able to “be present” as a mother. And she goes about her daily activities, including running a successful printing company, Evolution Printing, with her husband Greg.

CBD oil is becoming more common, but Tiffany stands by Gold Bee’s CBD oils one that is without pesticides, preservatives or fillers. UltraCellCBD oil is 100% THC and 94% water-soluble and grown in USDA certified clean soil, making it the best cbd oil in Colorado. She would not put her name behind any CBD oil that was not organic, natural and healthy.

Right now, Be Well by Tiffany offers Ultra CBD oil, but she hopes to expand. She wants to share information and recipes to help others with autoimmune disease, or people that could just be healthier. Next year she will be going back to school to the School for Functional Applied Medicine to coach others who are on their way to reversing their autoimmune conditions.

While suffering from the autoimmune and MS is a terrible thing, Tiffany says she also feels empowered. She knows now that she is not helpless, that she can fight back.

She wants others to find the root causes of their diseases and health issues. She does not recommend that people go off their medications nor ignore their doctors’ advice. She does hope they will find a doctor who will support them in exploring their options.

UltraCell comes in sublingual (berry, lemon or raw flavored) and also as a topical. To get in touch with Tiffany, email her at Tiff@bewellbytiffany or call 703-599-4876.

Bristow Beat cannot claim that UltraCell CBD oil or any CBD oil can be used to treat diseases. It is recommended that individuals see their doctors for medical advice.

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