Onelife Fitness Hosts New Year’s 90-Day Transformation Challenge

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Onelife member stretches out between cardio and free weights.

With the beginning of each new year, people set their goals and resolutions. Often these involve becoming healthier and getting into better shape physically and mentally.

Onelife Fitness at 7500 Limestone Drive in Gainesville is now offering a 90-Day Transformation challenge to help people meet those resolutions and find a way to live healthier and happier in 2014.

Shawn Lewis, General Manager for Onelife Fitness in Gainesville, explained that new year’s resolutions are great, but to accomplish them, people often need to create a plan and support system.

“Every year people create new year’s resolutions and by mid-January, those resolutions have been broken. Why? Because new year’s resolution are like saying, ‘I’m going to drive to California, but not looking at a map,’” Lewis said.

Female running on one of Onelife's state-of-the-art treadmills.

Lewis said that the Onelife Fitness challenge offers that map.

“With the 90-Day Transformation contest our members have the opportunity to sit down with a personal trainer and create a plan, a guide, a map to get them to their weight loss and health goals,” she said. “Not only do they get that map and guidebook, but they also have someone to keep them accountable and help them reach each step of their goal.”

The contest also offers an incentive as the member who loses the most weight and the member who makes the biggest transformation will win free memberships for one year. However, while not everyone can win those prizes, everyone can make a positive change, and that’s the whole point.

While working with fitness professionals, members get a chance to use all the amenities and classes offered at Onelife to help them meet their personal goals. Onelife provides the latest high quality workout equipment, and they update or replace equipment each month as needed. They also offer various popular fitness classes, such as Zumba, yoga and BodyPump, meeting the differing needs and interests of their members.

Friends meet at Onelife to spot each other while lifting weights.

“The great thing about our class schedule is we have an awesome mix of cardio, strength training, mind-body classes, etc. You could literally stay here for three hours, take three classes and work your body in a totally different way in each one,” she said.

Lewis suggests people commit to classes because it will keep their workouts fun. Then they will keep their fitness resolutions, not because they feel they have to, but because they develop a passion for the strength or aerobics classes they take.

“People love to let loose and dance in Zumba,” she noted. For other members, they enjoy contests and events that keep them motivated.

This is why Onelife holds other motivational challenges throughout the year, such as Turkey-burn around Thanksgiving. Lewis suggests that her members access information about Onelife via, Onelife’s online nutrition partner, to keep up with the gym classes and events.

She further notes that people respond to the warm friendly atmosphere at Onelife.

New gym area allows people to customize their strength and conditioning workouts without using machines.

“We absolutely create a familiar community atmosphere here, “she said. “I’m amazed at how much each of our staff really does know about our members. We know your names, we know your goals, we know your kids and what color token they want to take into the Kids Club,” she said.

According to Lewis, when members enter the gym, staff members often have their class tickets ready for them. To cultivate that atmosphere, staff members are encouraged to make Onelife their home gym and work out with the members.

Another great thing about Onelife is that it is affordable. The gym offers a variety of membership options, starting at just $19.99 per month. Additionally, signing up with Onelife Fitness entitles members to savings at local businesses located near the gym such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Zinga, Stonewall Dry Cleaners and Tropical Smoothies.

Those who are interested in joining Onelife Fitness in Gainesville can stop by during their convenient daytime hours, seven days a week [Mondays-Thursdays hours are 4 a.m.- 10 p.m..] They can also visit them online or call 571-261-6100 for information or an appointment, or click here for a free 7-day pass.

To sign up for the 90-Day Transformation Contest, ask for Beth at the front desk or email

“No matter what your fitness level is, you will feel comfortable here and we will help you reach your goals!” Lewis said.



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