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Prince William Area Guide to Grocery Shopping During Virus Outbreak

| March 26, 2020 | 0 Comments | Bristow Biz

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During these rough times of being stuck at home, there is one place people still need to go: grocery shopping. Thus, In order to serve the community, Bristow Beat has compiled a list of local grocery stores and supermarkets and their responses to the COVID-19 virus outbreak. This guide can be used as a “one-stop,” spot to help shoppers decide which stores better fit their needs on any given day. This list is based upon information stores provided on their websites and includes new hours and procedures.

Among all stores there are certain similarities. First, employees of grocery stores across the country are working diligently to provide for the public’s need. To keep everyone safe, stores have implemented new cleaning procedures, ordered additional stock and in most cases limited the number of highly in demand items per person, such as toilet paper.

Many stores have new hours to set aside more time to clean, stock and disinfect their stores. Some have set aside special hours for seniors and health-vulnerable customers. For their employees – who are risking their health for others – many have increased their benefits and sick leave.

Store management asks that the public be understanding if their stores are out of certain items or are also delayed in their responses for pickup orders. They strive to do the best they can in these times.

They also ask shoppers take precautions to keep everyone safe. They should wash their hands, keep a safe distance from other customers and employees, stay home if they are sick, and do not hoard items (buy what you need.) People should also shop for necessity not for leisure. They remind their shoppers that employees are there to help customers but they want to stay healthy as well.


BJ’s (Gainesville) 

wholesale club, membership required

Hours: 9 a.m.- 9 p.m.

Sr. Hours: Sundays 8 a.m.- 9 a.m. (65+)

Limits: may put limits on certain items.

Cleaning: high traffic areas frequently like cart handles

Online: will continue online and mobile app, may be delays

Closing: Optical section

More info



wholesale club, membership required 


Good Friday Open; Easter Closed

Cleaning: increased protocol for sanitizing, including shopping cart handles, shelves, front-end registers.

Limits: on certain items

More info


GIANT (Gainesville) 


Hours: 6 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Senior Hours: 6-7 a.m. daily (60+)

Limited items- 2 per person, including paper good and disinfectants.

GIANT Direct Delivery “contactless” delivery options.

Experiencing some shortages

More info


HARRIS TEETER (Bristow, Gainesville) 


Hours: 7 a.m.- 8 p.m.

Sr. Shopping: Monday, Thursdays 6 a.m.- 7 a.m. (60+) 

Sr. Online Shopping: “Express lane” online pickup for seniors only every Thursday 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. waive all fees. 5% Senior Club discounts.

Products Limited per customer: water; toilet paper; canned meat; pasta; cleaning supplies; certain cold, flu, allergy meds. Not accepting returns, rain checks, outdoor fundraisers

Reduced in store seating

Other Protections: protective shield at checkout should be installed by Mar. 26, social distancing, employees will not touch customer’s reusable bags.

More Info


SAFEWAY (Bristow)


Limits on in demand items per customer

Grocery Delivery, Pharmacy Delivery and Drive up still available. “Contact-Free” delivery option.

More Info 


TARGET (Gainesville, Manassas) 

Department Store/ Supermarket

Hours: closing all stores by 9 p.m. to deep clean.

Special Hours: First hour of shopping every Wednesday for 65+, pregnant women, or vulnerable as per CDC definitions.

Limits on these items per costumer: hand sanitizer, toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, dry goods like soup and pasta, milk, eggs, bottle water and “and more.”

May be delays on order pickup and drive up orders

Sanitizing: checkout lanes and touchscreens will be cleaned every 30 min. No food sampling, closed fitting rooms.

More info 


LIDL (Manassas) 


Hours: 8 a.m.- 8 p.m.

Enhanced protection: deep cleaning measures, protective barriers, signage about social distancing

Employees seniors employees encouraged (paid) to stay home

They may change or update. More info


WALGREEN’S (Gainesville, Bristow) 

Pharmacy and convenient store 

Hours: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m., drive through only for 24-hr stores

Sr. Shopping: 8 a.m.- 9 a.m. Tuesdays

More info


WALMART (Haymarket, Manassas Mall, Manassas) 

Department store, Supermarket

Hours: 7 a.m. – 8:30 p.m., or regular opening hours if later (stores will be sanitized during closed hours.)

Special Senior Hours: Tuesdays at 6 a.m. until April 28 (60+)

Limited items per costumer: paper products, milk, eggs, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, water, diapers, wipes, formula and baby food.

Shut Down: Auto Care Centers (in Virginia salons must be shut down)

Still Open: Vision Centers

More info


WEGMAN’S (Gainesville) 

Supermarket, Restaurants 

Hours: 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. in Virginia and most locations

Sr. Shopping Hours: none “We do not believe putting an entire population of highly susceptible people together in one location, at one time is a good idea.

Limited Items: those in high demand.

E-commerce: limited due to high demand.

Health & Safety: increased frequency of cleaning, hand sanitizer stations, guidelines for register cleaning, visual indicators to help people in line social distance.

Sections Closed: self-served areas, café seating, coffee shop, prepared food, bakery, in-store pubs.

More info



ALDI grocery (Manassas)

CVS (Bristow, Gainesville, Manassas) pharmacy & convenience

DOLLAR GENERAL (Nokesville) convenience, grocery & retail

DOLLAR TREE (Gainesville) convenience, grocery

FOOD LION (Manassas) supermarket

TRADER JOE’S (Centreville) specialty grocery

WHOLE FOODS (Fairfax) specialty grocery, Supermarket

This is not an extensive list, but Bristow Beat aims to cover most of the local stores residents frequent. There are certainly smaller family-run stores that would appreciate business as well! This information was compiled on Mar. 25, 2020.

© 2020, Bristow Beat. All rights reserved.

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