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Retro Fitness Makes Resolutions Reality

| January 1, 2017 | 0 Comments | Bristow Biz
Jessica participates in the Christmas Fitness Fit Challenge at Retro Fitness, Manassas.

Jessica, a Retro Fitness certified personal trainer, participates in the Christmas Fitness Fit Challenge at Retro Fitness, Manassas.

By Stacy Shaw

New Years means resolutions; those looking to transform themselves by working out more often and eating right should consider Retro Fitness located on Sudley Manor Drive.

Retro Fitness is the gym with the vibrant retro theme, personalized training with certified professions, a smoothie bar and 24-hour gym access to eliminate excuses.

Joining a gym is easy with Retro Fitness’s competitive low rates and no contract options. Additionally, Retro Fitness provides a variety of incentives to keep their members on track towards reaching their goals.


The lobby and smoothie bar is inviting at Retro Fitness, Manassas.

Retro Fitness is designed for convenience. It’s open 24-hours and offers on-site child-sitting so parents can carve out time for their workouts while little ones play.

Angela Schwartz of Braemar found Retro Fitness closer to home than she realized, just a straight drive down Sudley Manor Drive.

She was surprised when she was greeted by name and made new friends while working towards her fitness goals. Angela said it was a big help to have her trainer create a plan just for her, taking nutrition into consideration.

Staff explained Retro’s amenities are designed with motivation in mind.

“There is something special about working out at Retro Fitness and being part of a community of like-minded people striving to improve themselves,” said Retro Fitness Director of Marketing, Rufus Manning. “Retro Fitness provides what we all love about the greater-Bristow area: a sense of family and community.”


Colorful machines energize member’s cardio workouts.

Retro Fitness members enjoy a cardio theater room where they watch movies on the big screen while using treadmills, bikes or elliptical machines. They delight in the smoothie bar options that offer fresh tasty treats that help them reach goals whether that be weight loss or building muscle mass.

Retro Fitness also sells prepared meals that limit calorie count and provide a balanced diet. The meals are quick, convenient and take the guesswork out of meal planning.


Members can circuit train on their own or within a group setting.

High energy classes like Zumba are crowd pleasers. Retro’s 360 Synergy class is another popular option that combines cardio and strength training utilizing circuit style exercises.

Members at Retro Fitness can choose between a low cost $19.99 basic annual membership or a no contract Premium $29.99 a month membership with full access to their varied group classes. Premium members can also add anyone from their family for only $15 per person.

Busy parents, professions and college students frequent Retro Fitness to help them reach their transformative goals. Now, Retro Fitness is introducing a Sports Performance Bootcamp class for competitive athletes in travel programs and high school to help them gain an advantage at a budget friendly price.

“No matter your age, fitness level or current physical limitations, we have something tailored for you,” said Manning.

Readers can use the code BristowBeat to join with $0 enrollment ($99 savings) and a free smoothie when they sign up in January of 2017. Offer only valid at Retro Fitness’s Bull Run Plaza location. 

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