How Teresa Lost 100 Pounds at Over 40!

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Some people over forty think they are stuck in their current situation and it’s too late to change.

Maybe you can relate. Perhaps you have spent the last decade and a half raising children, cultivating your career, buying a home and shuffling kids to different functions – all while putting yourself on the back burner. 

Then at some point in your forties or beyond, you realize you need to make a change, not just for your health but also for the way look and feel. You want to get back to that person who regularly looked and felt great! However, you aren’t really sure how, where or when to start getting back to your best self. 

That was exactly what Teresa was going through. 

Teresa came to Movement Fitness in her mid-forties, feeling frustrated with little hope for self-improvement. For the last 20 years, the mom of three prioritized her kids while ignoring herself and even her health and wellness. As a result, she had health problems, lacked motivation and was at least 100 pounds overweight. 

She knew she had to do something or would not be able to live her best life going forward. Out of desperation, she made an appointment with Movement Fitness. 

That was the first step towards her journey towards transformation. 

After one year she was down 100 pounds and off of her medication. Better than that, she found herself in the best shape of her life!

Teresa went from thinking she was too old to change her life to excited about all of the new opportunities that opened up to her after feeling great over 40! 

“Having an awesome trainer and team to work out with and be accountable to makes this journey so much easier than trying to do it by myself!!” said Teresa B client Movement Fitness client. 

Whether you need to lose 100 pounds or your last 10 pounds you can do it even after 40! 

We have designed our whole program around helping people 40 or older look and feel great! 

To Your Success,

Marcus Brugger

Marcus Brugger featured on the book jacket to ‘Look & Feel Great Over 40!’

Marcus Brugger

Weight Loss Expert, CPT, ACE, NASM Nutrition Certified 

CEO Movement Fitness

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