Bristow Transplant Survivor One Face of ‘Children’s National Capital of Caring Fund’

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Lily Rancourt as a spokesperson for Children’s National Capital of Caring Fund.

Lily Rancourt, 8-years-old, of Bristow, is a survivor of the most complex pediatric heart surgery in the United States, and now she is also one of the faces of Children’s National Capital of Caring Fund Campaign.

Children’s National Capital of Caring Fund provides funding for patients’ medical care at Children’s National Health System if parents cannot afford their care.

The Rancourts encouraged Lily to be part of the campaign after she received several lifesaving surgeries from Children National in Washington, D.C.

The Rancourts adopted Lily from China when she was two and a half years old. She was considered “terminal” as she was born with only half a heart that was upside down, backwards and on the opposite side of her chest. Knowing the severity of Lily’s condition, the Rancourts opted for the best medical care possible, and their choice was Children’s National in Washington, D.C.

After Lily’s third open heart surgery, she developed a clot in her right pulmonary artery, causing it to become discontinuous from her heart. Although she was dying, several top transplant centers did not want to list Lily for a new heart, believing her chance of survival was too low with only one functioning lung and her complex anatomy. The Heart Failure Cardiologist at Children’s National was charmed after meeting Lily, and decided to list her for a new heart.

Believing Lily would not survive a very invasive procedure to attach the donor’s right pulmonary artery to Lily’s ‘Hero Heart,’ the surgeon only attached it to her right lung. It was enough to save her life. Today, Lily is thriving.

She is a happy and enthusiastic little girl, and her family is extremely grateful to Children’s National. They want to help other families with sick children.

“You’re not just giving dollars. You’re giving days! Every check you write; every dollar you give means 1 or 2 or 3 or 50 more kids enjoy 1 or 2 or 3 or 5000 more days!” said Lily’s Mom, Emily Rancourt.

Although the Rancourts were fortunate in being able to pay for their children’s medical costs, they met many families who were not so fortunate. However, they were fortunate in that Children’s National never turned them away, which in many cases made the difference between life and death.

“If Children’s National did not step up to the plate and still continue to treat these children even though the families didn’t have the ability the pay, their children would have passed away.” Emily said.

Children’s National relies upon charitable donations to make its pediatric care possible, and the Rancourts have made it their mission to assist in fundraising. “This is our way of saying thank you for what they have done for our family,” Emily.

Not only did Children’s National save the lives of two of their children, but they always felt well taken care of. “They don’t just treat their illness, they’re treating the entire child and they also treat the family,” she said. As Lily says in the commercial, Children’s National Health System is the “capital of compassion.”

Although Lily is an introvert, she enjoyed producing a commercial and print advertisement in front of a green screen as well as appearing on Great Day Washington, CBS WUSA 9 on Dec. 1. In addition to Lily being a regional face of the fund, the Rancourts have also shared their story with friends and neighbors in Gainesville and Bristow.

Around Christmas they like to reach the larger community and ask them to be generous on behalf of exceptional and heroic children like Lily. Those who would like to contribute can visit Children’s National Capital of Caring website.

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