Patriot HS Class of 2019 Leaves Legacy of School Spirit

Student council and class officers stand with the newly revealed Patriot Class of 2019 Monument.

The Patriot High School Class of 2019 is filled with school spirit and camaraderie, so when it came time to present a gift to their school upon graduation, the seniors chose one that honored Patriot values while commemorating an extraordinary class of student.

The gift, an approximately 8-foot stone monument, is engraved with the Patriot “P,” the words “LEADERSHIP, INTEGRITY, CHARACTER, PRIDE,” “Class of 2019” and the phrase, “WE ARE ONE.”

Representatives of the Patriot senior class unveiled the class monument during their senior class picnic, May 31, to much enthusiasm from their fellow students.

In the past, classes have donated benches, but Sr. Class President Trey Voggenreiter and Student Council President Isaac Mardo said their classmates wanted to do something different, something that grabbed people’s attention and would leave their mark on the school.

Isaac Mardo and Trey Voggenreiter at the Patriot High School 2019 Senior Class Picnic.

“We knew that we were a different class, the Class of 2019, and we kind of wanted to embody that. We decided on a monument, something unique, different and special,” Mardo said.

Voggenreiter said their class felt like a tight-knit community despite the large size of their school. Most of them shared a positive attitude, and they were genuinely proud to be Patriot students.

“I think we cared a little bit more,” he said.

Mardo believes that Patriot has a reputation for achievement, which is born out of hard work, dedication and desire to succeed.

“We know we’re the best, but at the same time, we make people work for it,” said Mardo. He said Patriot students excel in academics, athletics and leadership. He isn’t bashful about it. “We’re really confident, but we also back it up.”

Mardo also believes his fellow students are “nice and friendly,” and that is the reason they have such great unity among classmates.

Both young men believe the monument was a big hit.

“It seems like they loved it. Everyone here, they had their phones out,” said Voggenreiter.

Perri Hiergesell said the monument looked great. “I’m so happy.”

Danielle Love, Senior Advisor, and Jimmy Edwards, Sr. Class Sponsor.

Senior class sponsor and music director Jimmy Edwards praised the energy and drive of the class leadership team. “It’s really a positive class and so much fun to work with. They want their class to be better, their school to be better.”

And while teens can be apathetic, or cliquish, he described the class’s enthusiasm as “breath of fresh air.”

He was also impressed by the senior leadership’s desire to include everyone. They planned a trip to Busch Gardens, knowing that not everyone would enjoy a sporting event, and they reached out to students with varying interests. The class officers felt strongly that “everyone should be included.”

They also raised more money than most previous classes, allowing them to do something more extravagant. “Their fundraising has been phenomenal since their Freshman year,” Edwards said.

Patriot graduating seniors Bobby Johnson, Kyleigh Wrobel and Chris Sonnenberg enjoy their class picnic.

At the picnic, many students wore Class of 2019 shirts or shirts from the college they plan to attend in the fall. He expects that the students will go far, and credits the school and counselors for doing an excellent job of guiding them.

“They know what the path is; it sets the kids up for success.”

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