State Farm Agent Sadlack Sponsors Car Show for Fallen Officers

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Anita Sadlack and Officer Coire O’Neal at the QBE site in Haymarket.

State Farm Agent Anita Sadlack of Gainesville is head-sponsor of the Fallen Officers Car Show, June 24, in conjunction with the Haymarket Police Department and Shawn Landry, Founder of QBE. The show will benefit the families of fallen or wounded local police officers.

The event will be held at 2- 6 p.m. on the grounds of the former Pace West School located at 14600 Washington Street in the Town of Haymarket. QBE has donated the venue at no cost.

It only costs $10 to register a classic or unique car, and all proceeds will go directly to the PWCPD Officers Assistance Fund. The event is free to attend.

Owners need to RSVP by June 17 by emailing Officer Coire O’Neal of the Haymarket Police Department at Cars should arrive by 1 p.m.

The car show is family-friendly. Attendees will be treated to live music by The Boones Farmers, featuring vocals by Sarah Swanner. Attendees can also purchase ice-cream and treats on the premises at Cookies and Cream, and the event will also feature face painting for children.

O’Neal was tasked with organizing community events and fundraisers under the Haymarket Police Department’s new chief, Kevin Lands, and he wanted to do something to help fallen officers and their families.

“We leave home everyday – and it’s corny to say – but you don’t know if you’re going to make it. These things happen and families are left,” said O’Neal, who knew officers who perished in the line of duty and witnessed the Sully shooting as an officer back in 2006.

Many Prince William residents are familiar with the stories of officers who lost their lives. Officer Ashley Guindon was shot on her first day of duty in February of 2016. Officer Chris Yung died in a motorcycle accident on Dec. 31, 2012. After the initial benefits payments, families are often left to struggle without that parent’s income, which makes the fund so necessary, O’Neal explained.

The officer’s assistance fund also helps officers when they are injured or incapacitated.

Local participant, Anita Sadlack and Officer Coire O’Neal stand in front of with classic cars and a Haymarket police vehicle at the QBE site in Haymarket.

“This support group helped my family when I was struck by a car at a traffic stop,” O’Neal said.

Susana O’Neal, Coire’s wife, works with Sadlack at her State Farm Agency. When Susana told Sadlack about the event, she immediately wanted to get involved, saying “it’s a great way to help officers’ families.”

The event was also a great fit for her business. As a State Farm Agent, Sadlack’s job is to make sure local families are taken care of whether through life, disability, business or automobile insurance.

Being a part of the community is also very important to Sadlack who takes time to get to know her clients before creating a personalized plan to fit their their lifestyles. And, when they need her, they can call her up or meet her in person at her Gainesville office.

“State Farm offers the local relationships that sometimes people still want,” Sadlack said. “We can advise you and guide you through that process [of choosing an insurance plan or various plans.]”

The first people to register their cars belong to a group of classic car enthusiasts from the Haymarket-Gainesville-Warrenton area. They often meet in the QBE parking lot on Saturday evenings to show off their cars and cruise together.

“We’re just a bunch of people who like to hang out with cars,” said Richard Work.

“A bunch of old guys with cars,” added Mark Harris.

Car owners are excited to participate in a show that benefits a great cause, and they hope more folks will come out to join them.

There will not be a charge for attendees, and they will have the opportunity to talk to the officers and make a donation to PWCPA Officers Assistance Fund.

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