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Piney Branch’s Family Fun & Fitness Fair Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

| January 17, 2013 | 0 Comments | Education

Piney Branch children participate in strength training with Body Vive Elements of Fitness.

Many Bristow community members attended Piney Branch Elementary School’s first Family Fun and Fitness Fair Wednesday, Jan. 16, where they participated in exercise activities and learned about health and wellness.

Families had fun dancing to Zumba with Elements Diet & Fitness, breaking blocks with Jason Yi’s Tae Qwon Do, aerobic dancing with Brick House Cardio Club and watching the Manassas Spotlight Dancers perform lively tap, jazz and ballet numbers.

“We did a little bit of street hockey, and broke a board doing Tae Qwon Do,” said Jeff Ornsbee, who was there with is 7 year-old son, Jack. Jack said breaking the board was his favorite activity.

In the hallway, vendors demonstrated their products in a hands-on fashion.People stretched with Sparta Works, received a massage and received poster checks by Haymarket Physical Therapy Chiropractic.

And parents kept up with their children, migrating from one gym to another.

“We did the obstacle course, and the rope from the Biggest Loser. It works your arms. Then in the auxiliary gym, Jason Yi’s Tae Qwon Do,” said Becky Shankle, who said her four children were excited to each have won prizes.

Sparta Works physical therapist Jennifer Entremont stretches owner Melissa Brooks as a demonstration at the Piney Branch Family Fun and Fitness Fair.

Vendors and organizations also educated families on health, wellness and safety practices.

Prince William Schools Cafeteria Manager Mayra Merida demonstrated proper serving sizes and the excessive sugar, fat and calories found in commonly consumed foods, like pasta and sodas, using plastic prop foods. She also explained how cafeteria food has become much healthier this year.

“We bake our stuff. We still have French fries, but everything is baked. Milk is fat free and hormone free. Bread is multi-grain. We bake our bread also,” Merida said.

According to P.T.O. President Cathy Rivera, the purpose of the event was two-fold: to raise money for the new school to buy gym mats, and to introduce school children and their families to ways in which to stay healthy.

“It’s a great turnout, and we’ve had great support from the community for donations,” Rivera said.

Although the event was free, parents donated money towards the school by purchasing raffle tickets for prizes all donated by the local businesses.

Chairperson of the Health and Wellness Committee Ginger Carroll invited local health-conscious businesses people, who were eager to volunteer their time. Carroll said she knew many of these people from her years in the business world.

Spotlight dancers Morgan, Taylor, Abby and Rachel of Manassas study tap, jazz and ballet.

“I called some of my old friends and invited them out for a night. I wanted them to introduce people in Piney Branch to all the fun activities available to them in Gainesville, Manassas and Bristow area,” Carroll said.

Throughout the evening parents and children actively participated in conga lines, hip-hop dances, floor hockey, physical fitness challenges and martial art demonstrations.

For some people, it even expanded their mind to the types they might consider pursuing. For instance, 18 year-old volunteer fire fighter Conner Schiro tried Yoga for the first time with Silke Schiff, while still dressed in his fire and rescue gear.

“It’s definitely not easy when you’re where things, but it is something I might try again. Definitely broke a sweat,” Schiro said.

Piney Branch has dedicated itself to health and fitness this year, even going so far as to host Bristow Smart Markets on Sunday mornings. They are planning to grow vegetables in

Nokesville Fire & Rescue volunteer firefighters from the Bristow station demonstrate gear and teach fire safety.

the school’s growing garden, and look for other opportunities to promote health and wellness.

Parents said they appreciated the efforts of those involved.

“Ginger Carroll did a fantastic job putting it together. Everyone loves her,” said Becky Shankle.





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