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Linton Hall School Hosts Transportation Day

| April 30, 2016 | 0 Comments | Education
Linton Hall girls speak with the pilot of a search and rescue helicopter.

Linton Hall girls speak with the pilot of a search and rescue helicopter.

Linton Hall School in Bristow held a Transportation Day April 21 that featured a helicopter landing and multiple vehicles visiting their campus.

The event was built upon the transportation curriculum Linton Hall School’s Preschool had been studying, and involved the entire school community from toddlers through 8th grade.

Director of Preschool Michelle Adzima knew all the school’s students, from preschool to grade 8, would love seeing the variety of vehicles used for transportation, safety and leisure.

The automobiles included two Prince William police cars (one being a very cool vintage police car), three police motorcycles; a Nokesville station fire engine; two off-road ATVs; a John Deer plow truck and riding mower; a roll-off truck or “trasher”; a deluxe mobile home and a luxury limousine.

Children stand in front of a Prince William Fire truck.

Linton Hall Children stand in front of a Prince William Fire truck.

Adzima said the girls were especially inspired to see two females piloting the helicopter.

“Look, they are girl pilots!” the children said.

Head Pilot Allegra Aiuto said she has been flying helicopters since she was 18. She took one demo flight and decided to follow up with lessons until she earned her license.

Aiuto flies search and rescue missions in the reconnaissance copter, which is privately owned, but operates via a nonprofit, the Virginia Search and Rescue Squad.

Five-year-old Emma said the hovering helicopter was her favorite. However, some others disagreed, finding some of the land vehicles more impressive.

The younger children liked the automobiles for their sights and sounds. Preschooler Ryley enjoyed the blare of the truck horn. Classmate Adelynn liked the flashing lights of the fire truck.

Fifth grade students line up to race the speed monitor gun on foot.

Fifth-grade students line up to race the speed monitor gun on foot.

Meanwhile, upper-school students preferred vehicles they could imagine themselves in.

The mobile home appealed to Daniel, a fifth-grade student. “It had a lot of cool things,” he said, pointing out the indoor and outdoor flat-screen TVs.

Fifth grader Case was drawn to the ATVs. He said he had ridden one once before and had a good time doing so.

Classmate Kylan preferred the limo. He was impressed to see it had a bar and couch-like seating inside. Several preschoolers enjoyed dancing to the music in the limousine!

Helicopter lands at the school

Children watch the helicopter lands at the school

While touring the various vehicles, the students also had the chance to learn new things about transportation, safety and rescue from the owners or drivers of the vehicles.

Prince William Police Officers taught students that motorcycles are used to monitor traffic. They demonstrated how the speed guns worked and allowed fifth-grade students to race and see who could clock in the fastest speeds. The fifth-grade record was 16 mph!

Ms. Adzima said the day was possible because teachers and parents reached out to their networks of friends and family and community members volunteered their time.

Prior to transportation day, Linton Hall School’s Preschool engaged in other hands-on learning experiences with the theme of transportation. They made their own driver’s licenses, attended a “drive-in” movie, sitting in boxcars one of the parents made and even wrote their own transportation stories.


Fifth-grade boys check out the police motorcycle.

They also road their mini cars through a miniature car wash made out of PVC pipes, and the entire PreK had fun making their mini rocket ships launch out on the school’s soccer fields.

LHS Preschool students had especially looked forward to Transportation Day, and it turned out to be a day that was a fun learning experience for students, parents, teachers and the community members who volunteered their time.

Linton Hall School is a Catholic school for children in preschool through eighth grade. It is a ministry of the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia.

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