Alyson Satterwhite to Run for PWC School Board Chairman 2020-24

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Alyson Satterwhite announces her run for Prince William County Chairman At-large for 2020.

Standing in front of Henderson Elementary School in Dumfries on a windy Friday afternoon, Gainesville School Board representative Alyson Satterwhite announced her run for the  Chairman At-large of the Prince William County School Board to serve a four-year term beginning in 2020. A video of her announcement was posting a live on her Friends of Alyson Satterwhite Facebook page.

Satterwhite represented the Gainesville District since 2012. In 2018, she ran for Prince William School Board Chairman to serve a one year term in 2019. She narrowly lost to now-chairman Dr. Babur Lateef in that November special election. Lateef was already serving as interim chair, following the resignation of Chairman Ryan Sawyers.

Dr. Babur Lateef won 47.76% of the vote to 42.23% during an election with a high-turnout.

An independent candidate, Stanley Bender, received 10% of the vote. Illegally authorized signs stating “Republicans for Stanley Bender,” may have confused some voters, possibly securing votes that may have otherwise gone to Satterwhite.

This year, 2019, all school board members will be up for election or reelection as well as county supervisors and state delegates and senators. Their terms will begin in January of 2020.

In her video, Satterwhite said she decided to run because she is “so passionate about education.” She said she worked hard promoting initiatives such as school safety, anti-bullying, mental health and class size reduction so “our teachers will have more time to spend with our students.”

Satterwhite’s efforts led to the hiring more school counselors and social workers and class size reduction funding was allocated a few years that she served on the board. Satterwhite worked cooperatively with the county supervisors to secure additional funding for class size reduction and the construction of new schools and additions.

College and career readiness would also be a focus, Satterwhite said. And she suggested PWCS do more to cooperate with businesses especially as new innovative businesses currently locating to Northern Virginia.

Satterwhite first got involved in school board politics advocating for parents during the controversy over a new mathematics curriculum. As a parent of children receiving special education services, she also championed those issues, and was a voice that parents could come to for advice.

Satterwhite went head to head with Ryan Sawyers on various issues. She responded to parents over controversy regarding leadership at Ronald Regan Middle School in her district. But, progressives criticize Satterwhite for voting against adding protection for LGTQ students in the revival of the non-discrimination act.

In her last race, Satterwhite said bring decorum back to the school board was of utmost importance.

More about Alyson Satterwhite

Alyson grew up in California and Florida during her father’s Naval career, graduating from Pensacola Junior College with an Associate of Science degree. After her marriage to Doug, she graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Science in Education. As a military family, the Satterwhite’s were stationed in the Washington, D.C. area and lived in Prince William County from 1995 to 1998, and returned in 2004 to retire and lay down roots in this Prince William community. While supporting her family throughout numerous military stations and deployments, Alyson has also worked as an independent business consultant for Tupperware and Mary Kay.

One of Alyson’s children attends Radford University, while three have already graduated college from Virginia Wesleyan College, George Mason University, and Virginia Tech. Alyson’s husband, Doug, currently works for a defense contractor in Northern Virginia.

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