DAY CARE INSPECTIONS: Gainesville Daycare Center Cited for Staff Cell Phone Use While Supervising Students

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daycareinspectionslogoFollowing the Oct. 2-3 investigation of a complaint, The Virginia Department of Social Services cited Lake Manassas Academylocated at 14930 Holly Knoll Lane in Gainesville, for several violations regarding staff use of cell phones and social media while supervising children.

According to the report, a teacher posted photos of students on her social media page, despite the parents of one child having submitted a “no media request.”

Staff told the VDSS inspector that the frequent use of cell phones while supervising children was an ongoing problem at the facility.

Administrators responded to the investigation by prohibiting teachers from possessing cell phones while children are under their care.

“[The] Cell phone policy will be changed to include that cell phones are not permitted past the office unless there is prior administrative approval for emergencies only,” the plan of correction states. “Any staff person not following this policy will have employment terminated immediately.”

Editor’s Note: Descriptions of violations and the responses from the facility came directly from the inspection report, which appears below:

Virginia Department of Social Services Comments:

An unannounced inspection was begun on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 to investigate a complaint that was received by the Division. The inspection began at 9:45 and ended at 1:30. The investigation continued on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 from 10:00 – 1:30. Staff files were reviewed – see violation notice 11 staff were interviewed The complaint related to Background checks, cell phone usage were determined to be valid. There was insufficient information to determine the validity of other concerns related to the care of children.


Standard #: 22VAC40-185-210-A

Description: Based on interviews with the administrative staff and a review of a staff file, it was determined that one staff person who was left alone in a classroom was not lead teacher qualified. Evidence: Staff K who was placed as the only teacher in a classroom of 10 Preschool children did not have 6 months of experience in the group care of children and 24 hours of lead teacher training.

Plan of Correction: The staff person was removed from that classroom and a qualified lead teacher was then placed in that room. The Regional Director will review all staff files to assure that lead teachers are qualified for their position.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-340-A

Description: Based on interview with 6 staff, it was determined that a staff person failed to provide care and protection to the children in her classroom. Evidence: Staff G posted photographs of children on her personal social media page, One of those children have a no photograph request. In addition, this is against the facility Social Media Policy which was signed by Staff G upon hiring.

Plan of Correction: A staff meeting will be held in October and Social Media policies will be reviewed and all staff will resign there agreements.

Standard #: 22VAC40-185-340-F

Description: Based on interviews with 6 staff and 1 administrative staff person, it was determined that staff are not always providing appropriate sight supervision. Evidence: Staff stated that other staff are often on their cell phones including when they are on the playground supervising children. Administrative staff state that this has been an on going problem.

Plan of Correction: Cell phone policy will be changed to include that cell phones are not permitted past the office unless there is prior administrative approval for emergencies only. This will be temporary approval only.Any staff person not following this policy will have employment terminated immediately

Standard #: 22VAC40-191-50-A-1-a

Description: Based on interviews with Administrative staff, it was determined that not all staff have current background checks. Evidence: Two staff who were recently hired did not have Fingerprint results. Ten current staff did not have their results back yet. Several current staff have appointments for 10/2/18 – 10/5/18. All staff were to have had fingerprint results no later than 9/30/18.

Plan of Correction: Regional Director will monitor this on an ongoing basis. New Hires will be reviewed and approved.

Full reports of each provider are located online and are available for public viewing.

The Virginia Department of Social Services inspects all licensed child-welfare agencies at least twice a year, with at least one unannounced inspection each year.

“In order to determine continued compliance with standards during the effective dates of the license, the department’s licensing representative will make announced and unannounced inspections of the facility or agency during the hours of its operation,” the agency states on their website. “The licensee is responsible for correcting any areas of noncompliance found during renewal or monitoring inspections.”

VDSS cautions that a compliance history is in no way a rating for a facility and online compliance reports do not include consideration that some information regarding “adverse actions” may be the subject of pending appeals.

According to the agency: “Through the administration of the licensing program, the Department of Social Services assumes responsibility to ensure that licensed facilities and agencies provide children and adults with at least a minimum level of care in accordance with regulations prescribed by the State Board of Social Services and Child Day-Care Council.”

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