Del. Hugo Says Vote on North-South Corridor Delayed

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Del. Hugo speaks at a Haymarket town hall meeting to address the Bi-County Parkway.

The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) decided to postpone its vote to approve the building of the North-South Corridor/Bi-County Parkway at its May 15 meeting in Richmond.

The postponement was in response to actions taken by Prince William elected officials, specifically, a letter Congressman Frank Wolf (R) of the 10th District sent to Governor McDonnell Tuesday, and a request by Del. Tim Hugo (R) of the 40th District, who spoke at the CTB meeting.

Accompanying Delegate Hugo were Catharpin residents Page Snyder and Mary Ann Ghadban, who led the grassroots campaign against the North-South Corridor and Manassas Battlefield Bypass. Del. Hugo, whose district includes parts of Prince William and Fairfax, spoke to Bristow Beat in a phone interview shortly after the CTB adjourned its meeting.

“Truthfully, we were at the end of the agenda,” said Hugo, who arrived at the meeting at 10:30 a.m. and did not testify until 4:30 p.m.

Hugo voiced his concern about the North-South Corridor, specifically the effect it would have on the rural crescent.

“If you build this road, that is the end of the rural crescent. I think people just need to recognize that,” Hugo said.

Hugo said he is not in favor of the North-South Corridor because he believes it is the wrong place to spend transportation funds. However, he is even more troubled by the idea of closing Route 29 and Route 234 while the new bypass is still under construction.

“(Judged by) allocation of funds, it becomes a bad project, but it becomes an egregious project when you close Routes 234 and 29,” Hugo said.

Virginia Department of Transportation Communications Director Maria Sinner told Bristow Beat that Routes 29 and 234 would not be closed before alternate routes were opened. However, Hugo said that in February, the CTB voted to be able to close Route 234 immediately before the bypass was completed.

In addition, he said VDOT and the CTB have reached an agreement by which the National Park Service would provide $300,000 to calm traffic on Route 29 before the bypass was completed. Hugo believes this would have negative effects on the community, including the 700 congregation members and hundreds more that worship at the historic Sudley United Methodists church.

Although Del. Hugo heard Chairman Corey Stewart say he would not approve of a closing the two roads at the May 6 Prince William Board of County Supervisors meeting, Hugo said Director of Planning Chris Price said he supported the closing of Route 234 and Route 29 in a March 7 letter.

In response to the opposition’s position that the North-South Corridor would bring higher paying jobs in Prince William County, Hugo said he disagrees.

“There are better allocations, in my opinion, for the money, such as improvements to Route 28 and (Interstate) 66, which are also in my district.”





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