Prince William Assoc. Superintendent Prepares Thanksgiving Dinner for Family in Need

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Prince William Association Superintendent for Learning and Accountability Rita Goss.

Letter from Bob Eichorn, Principal of New Directions Alternative Education Center to the Prince William County School Board

Good Afternoon Members of the School Board,

This is the first time in my soon to be ten years as a principal in PWCS I have sent correspondence to your body as a whole. I beg your indulgence as what I wish to share is, in my estimation, what leadership is all about and perhaps most importantly what being a kind human being epitomizes no matter the time or age in which we live.

During the Thanksgiving Holiday, the Associate Superintendent for Student Learning and Accountability, Ms. Rita E. Goss, performed an act of kindness that had a significant impact on one of our PWCS staff members. The staff member’s family had recently received very challenging and altering health related news which necessitated a myriad of life changes. Ms. Goss offered any assistance needed or required to the staff member in a kind and caring manner. This included an offer to provide a Thanksgiving meal to the family.

Ms. Goss prepared a full course dinner which included turkey and multiple dishes that would appeal to the family and specifically to the afflicted family member. She, along with her son, delivered the meal to the home of employee with easy to follow directions so the family in question could enjoy a Thanksgiving with minimal duress, which under the circumstances, changed not only the holiday but the course of events for the family.

The Associate Superintendent took a great deal of time and effort, which also impacted her holiday and her family, to support another family in need. While the family that received this gift wishes to remain anonymous, I thought it important to share with you the caliber of leadership, and as previously stated, the quality person that is assisting Dr. Walts in leading instruction in PWCS.

Ms. Goss leads not only with her mind, but most importantly with her heart. She backs her words with action which, as the example above illustrates, changes lives.

In closing, as I can imagine at times your in-box may be filled with emails of concern and recommendations for improvement in our school division, I believe it is important to share what makes our school division great. It is care and love. The love of supporting others in need and the care to do it with purpose and without regard to reward, notoriety, fame, or fortune. We are surrounded by heroes and may never know it, and would not know it…that is why I wanted to share this kindness with you all.

Ms. Goss certainly encapsulates why we are a great school division. It is an honor to serve under her leadership. Thank you in advance for accepting this correspondence in the spirit sent.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Eichorn, Principal
New Directions Alternative Education Center


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