Prince William School Permits Employees to Attend Children’s Events

| October 10, 2017 | 0 Comments | Education

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Prince William County Schools has just become a more family-friendly school for its employees.

According to a new policy implemented by Superintendent Steven Walts, employees of Prince William County Schools may be able to attend their own children’s school events without having to take sick or personal days.

According to a message from the school division, the school division is “committed to being a family-friends place to work,” and wants to encourage their parent-employees to “be engaged in their students’ education.”

“That’s why the Superintendent is giving principals and supervisors the discretion to allow parent-employees to take reasonable time off—without using leave—to attend their children’s parent/teacher conferences, and other special school events, anywhere in the DC metro area,” the policy announcement said.

Requests must still be made to principals and supervisors on a site-based level. They are encouraged to grant them “if they do not create a negative impact on schools and offices.”

“It’s a good thing to do for employees, education, and families, and should work, so long as the privilege is used sparingly,” said a division spokesperson.

Leadership at the Prince William Education Association, including President Riley O’Casey, said they are very excited to hear the Superintendent has implemented this policy.

“This is an issue PWEA cares very deeply about and we will continue to advocate on behalf of our members that ensure a family-friendly environment,” said a PWEA post on social media. “We are hopeful this policy will result in helping our members achieve a better balance in their work and family life.”

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