UPDATED: All PW Schools to Operate on Normal Schedule Wednesday

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Prince William County Schools were closed Monday and Tuesday due to the storm. As of noon on Tuesday, they were deciding whether to close an additional day.

Updated: Oct. 30, 7:00 p.m.

According to Philip Kavits, Director, Communication Services of Prince William County School, “Power just returned unexpectedly. Buckland Mills will be open tomorrow too. All schools now open.”

Updated: Oct. 30, 5:35 p.m.

Prince William County Schools has announced that schools will  open Wednesday and operate on schedule with the exception of Buckland Mills Elementary School, which will be closed.

The SACC program at Buckland Mills will also be closed.

Original Story:

Prince William County Public Schools announced on their  Facebook page  Tuesday afternoon, that there they are investigating the possibility of closing schools on Wednesday due to the aftermath of Sandy.

“No decision yet concerning school status for Wednesday. School, road and power conditions being evaluated,” PWCS posted.

The consensus, amongst those Facebook commentors  was almost entirely in favor of school being cancelled on Wednesday for reasons of safety and power outages throughout the county.

One early commenter wrote, “I have a tree across my driveway and no electricity. My whole road doesn’t have electricity; I doubt anyone will be at school if you have it tomorrow.”

Students also wrote about the inconvenience of not having power in their homes,

One young man from Haymarket wrote, “Well, half of Haymarket doesn’t have power, including the high school and two elementaries! Hopefully, that will change.”

Others said it would be dangerous to open school when roads are still unsafe. Parents even advised each other to keep their children home, if they felt it was unsafe to travel in their neighborhood.

One concerned mother wrote, “Make the decision based on safety for all. If there is school tomorrow, PLEASE, instruct schools to excuse any absences due to weather. Some may have left the area to get with family who have power, heat, etc.”

Very few parents advocated for school to be open. Usually school closures means that parents have to find daycare for their children.

One mother did ask that school open tomorrow, saying her daughter would miss her preschool Halloween costume parade. “And these kids need to get out of the house!!,” she said.


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