‘Recall Sawyers’ Committee Comments on Chairman’s Resignation

| March 8, 2018 | 0 Comments | Education

Volunteers with Prince William Committee for Quality Education petition voters for signatures at Glenkirk Elementary School.

Submitted By the Prince William Committee for Quality Education

Fellow PWC citizens, the resignation of Ryan Sawyers as the Chairman-at-Large was welcomed news. His tenure on the School Board has been an absolute disaster for students, parents, school system employees and fellow school board members.

Our committee gathered the required number of signatures for the recall and was prepared to file suit in the PWC Circuit Court in the coming weeks. It is now unnecessary to do so.

This has been a long and difficult process, but for the welfare of PWC residents, was one that had to be undertaken.

It is important to point out that our recall effort was NEVER about partisan politics; this was about removing an individual who many believe abused his office and did not consider how offensive his methods/intentions would affect others.

Many of you may be asking, what now? It is our understanding the Vice Chair, Ms. Jessie will immediately become the Chair until the entire School Board selects an interim Chairman-at-Large until a special election is held.

As a committee, we have no position on who replaces Sawyers. Having said this, we sincerely hope the School Board appoints a person who is NOT divisive and is well qualified to step in for the short term.

In addition, we would highly recommend voters in PWC carefully study candidates in the upcoming special election to ensure the education of children is the number one focus of the person they vote for.

There is no room for politics in education.

We would like to thank many people who made this recall effort a success…

  • The nearly 7000 people who signed our petition.
  • All the volunteers who stood in the cold, snow, rain and heat gathering signatures when they could have been with their families.
  • The many, many people who donated their hard earned money to our campaign.
  • The enormous amount of teachers and school administration employees who cheered us on behind the scenes…whether they signed the petition or out of fear did not.
  • Our lead pro bono attorney, Paul Prados and two other attorneys for their petition work and counsel.

Lastly, we want everyone to know that we do NOT have any negative wishes for Ryan Sawyers and his family. We hope he eventually finds peace and solace after this departure.

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