School Board Names School Library after Betty Covington

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The School Board decided to name the Dumfries Elementary Library after Betty Covington.

The School Board decided to name the Dumfries Elementary Library after Betty Covington.

The Prince William School Board proposed naming the new Dumfries Elementary School Library after Potomac School Board member and long-term principal with Prince William Public Schools, Betty Covington.

Betty Covington has served as the Potomac representative on the School Board from 1996-1997 and from 2003 until the present day.

She retired from Kilby Elementary School in 1995 after serving 19 years as its principal. In 1997, she returned to the School Division as Principal of Dumfries Elementary School, where she remained until her second retirement in 2003.

Covington served as principal of the Saunders Kindergarten Center from 1974-1976. Saunders was the first public kindergarten in Prince William County. Earlier, she spent three years as assistant principal of Dale City Elementary School, as it served as a pilot school for implementation of year-round school.

Covington was a classroom teacher for eleven years, nine of which she spent at Dumfries Elementary School.

Dr. Michael Otaigbe of the Coles District introduced the motion, comparing Covington to “Mahatma Gandhi of India,” especially in terms of Gandhi’s belief that, “My life is my message to the world.”

Otaigbe said that quote reminds him of Mrs. Covington.

“That is what I think of Ms. Covington in terms of educational leadership. Her life is her message,” he said.

School Board member Lillie Jessie (Occoquan) praised Covington and called her a friend. She explained that at Vaughan Elementary School in Woodbridge, the teachers would always say, “If no one else comes to the event, it’s going to be Ms. Covington.”

“I wanted to take time to congratulate her and say that it is a well-deserved recognition,” Jessie said.

School Board Chairman Milt Johns also praised and congratulated Covington.

“I think this is a good next step in honoring Mrs. Covington, and I hope in the very near future there’s a whole building we can name for Mrs. Covington. Frankly, we could just about name the whole school system for Ms. Covington; she has hired everyone, or taught everyone, or trained everyone, with one degree of separation from the school system.”

“Number one: its an honor to call Mrs. Covington my friend. Number two: it is an honor to serve with her for 11 years and counting…She’s always thinking in a way that is in the best interest of the children,” Johns said.

Covington was tearing up as she expressed her gratitude.

“Let me just say, thank you. I’m very humbled. I did not know this was going to happen..I certainly did not initiate this. For once, I’m going to be quiet.”

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