Congratulations to all the students who have excelled in their studies this quarter. You have truly earned your place on the Vocelli Pizza Honor Roll.

Students who have earned five A’s or S+’s on a current Prince William County Schools report card are eligible to be named on the Honor Roll and receive a free small pizza (Pickup orders only). Students under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Offer good through Friday, Nov. 27, 2015. One redemption per quarter. By redeeming this offer, you consent to having your child’s name listed on this page.

First Quarter 2015-2016

Elementary School

Jason T.  
Samantha B.

Second Quarter 2015

High School School

Audrey Gregoire – Patriot High School
Zach Estess – Patriot High School
Jenn Martin – Patriot High School

Middle School

Mains Singh – Marsteller Middle School
Hannah Park – Marsteller Middle School
Benjamin Fleischmman – Marsteller Middle School
Mckenzie Betz – Marsteller Middle School
Michael G – Marsteller Middle School
Elizabeth Johnson – Marsteller Middle School
Acacia Lofton – Marsteller Middle School
Caleb Brock – Marsteller Middle School
Ayush Mehta – Marsteller Middle School
Anoli Mehta – Marsteller Middle School
Alena Marvin – Marsteller Middle School
Ryan Martin – Marsteller Middle School
Caleb Harmon – Marsteller Middle School
Rebecca Shipp – Gainesville Middle School
Kendall Gobin – Gainesville Middle School
Brett Estess – Gainesville Middle School
Stephen Gilbert – Gainesville Middle School
Sophia Browning – Gainesville Middle School
Caitlin Blackman – Gainesville Middle School
Abigail Mequillian – Ronald Reagan Middle School
Riley Mequillian – Ronald Reagan Middle School 
Caileigh Mequillian – Ronald Reagan Middle School 

Elementary School

Cody MacDowall – Pennington Traditional School
Kayla Logie – Pennington Traditional School
Victor Logie – Pennington Traditional School
Jacob Stelmack  – Pennington Traditional School
Alex Vetter  – Pennington Traditional School
Corinne Vetter – Pennington Traditional School
Moriah Delapenha – Tyler Elementary
Peter Gilbert Tyler Elementary
Jacob Samford – Victory Elementary
Maxwell Shipp – Victory Elementary
Kaya Bleker – Victory Elementary
Sebastian Bleker – Victory Elementary
Meghan Keenan – Victory Elementary
Ryan Keenan – Victory Elementary
Riley Wolford – Victory Elementary
Regan Wolford – Victory Elementary
Jennifer King – Victory Elementary
Ben King – Victory Elementary
Camra Barbour – Victory Elementary
Jaxon Maris – Victory Elementary
Gillian Hayden – Victory Elementary
Addison Kekin – Victory Elementary
Kaio Raghmathan – Victory Elementary
Abbi Raghmathan – Victory Elementary
Celete Calabria – Victory Elementary
Ceclia Calabria – Victory Elementary
Casey Lafcoran – Victory Elementary
Carolyn Lafcoran – Victory Elementary
Ryan El Aomaria – Victory Elementary
Sofia El Aomaria – Victory Elementary
Eleaa Harmon – Victory Elementary
Jacob Wolfrey – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Hannah Wolfrey – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Zack Walrock – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Megan Walrock – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Leah Schaffer – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Hannah Johnson – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Max Mclean T. Clay Wood Elementary
Zachery Abano – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Olivia Patino – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Sienna Cooke – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Abigal Bums – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Julia Lee – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Hudson Lee T. Clay Wood Elementary
Conner Backus – Cedar Point Elementary
Carley Todd – Cedar Point Elementary
Diana Samtiestenban – Cedar Point Elementary
Isabela Coffman – Cedar Point Elementary
Matthew Dakkiewicz – Cedar Point Elementary
Lorenzo Ingham Cedar Point Elementary
Lilly Kettner – Cedar Point Elementary
Lucie Kettner – Cedar Point Elementary
Nikki Nelson – Bristow Run Elementary
Layla Dixon – Bristow Run Elementary
Colin Gobin – Bristow Run Elementary
Skylar Nelson – Bristow Run Elementary
Connor Bickers  – Bristow Run Elementary
Evan Bath – Glenkirk Elementary
Ella Cayanan – Glenkirk Elementary
Alex R – Glenkirk Elementary
Sydney S – Glenkirk Elementary
Natalie Scott – Piney Branch Elementary School
Nathan Blackman – Piney Branch Elementary School

Janet Miner – The Nokesville School 
Patrick Jacob – The Nokesville School 

Ben Scott – Haymarket Elementary

First Quarter 2014

High School

Audrey Gregoire – Patriot High School

Middle School

Matthew Fredline – Gainesville Middle School
Alex Garza – Gainesville Middle School
Emily Eifert – Gainesville Middle School
Caitlin Blackman – Gainesville Middle School

Nicol Delaney – Marsteller Middle School
Mckenzie Betz – Marsteller Middle School
Naina Singh – Marsteller Middle School
Caleb Brock – Marsteller Middle School
Justin Kachle – Marsteller Middle School

Abigail Young – Bull Run Middle

Elementary School

Carley Brock – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Leo Wallace – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Torey Nicol – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Hannah Wolfrey – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Jacob Wolfrey – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Megan Walnock – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Zachary Walnoc – T. Clay Wood Elementary
Katheyn Kachle – T. Clay Wood Elementary

Matthew Dallriewicz – Cedar Point Elementary
Matis Harris – Cedar Point Elementary

Madison Peek – Bristow Run Elementary
Alice Roberts – Bristow Run Elementary

Jaxon Morris – Victory Elementary
Hassan Hammond – Victory Elementary
Kathryn Owen – Victory Elementary

Anna Weaver – Glenkirk Elementary

Nate Blackman – Piney Branch Elementary


Delaney Falls – All Saints School
Zach Mills – All Saints School
Chris Mills – All Saints School
Tim Mills – All Saints School

Alex Vetter – Pennington Traditional School
Corrine Vetter – Pennington Traditional School
Cody Mcdowell – Pennington Traditional School
Betty Gregoire – Pennington Traditional School

Cassidy Davis
Abigale Burned
Kaydence Peterson
Robert and Emma Dulin
Thomas Cory
Madeline Barber
Mariah High
Chantel High
Chloe Koeing

Fourth Quarter 2014

High School

Sean Whitner – Patriot High School

Elizabeth Martin – Patriot High School

Jilian Huneart – Patriot High School

Ryan Chmielenski – Patriot High School

Marga Currington – Patriot High School

Logan Love – Patriot High School

Ben Thomas – Patriot High School

John Raisigel – Brentsvilel District High School

Middle School

Kim Simons  – Marsteller Middle School

Isabella Murison  – Marsteller Middle School

Michael Bates – Marsteller Middle School   

Samantha Annetta – Marsteller Middle School   

Courtney Joos – Marsteller Middle School   

Alyssa Mathis – Marsteller Middle School

Samantha Mathis – Marsteller Middle School     

Jacob Neal – Marsteller Middle School

Chloe Banachoski – Marsteller Middle School

Alena Marin – Marsteller Middle School

Morgan Swindall – Marsteller Middle School

Paige Platz – Marsteller Middle School

Maria Riveria – Gainesville Middle School

Abigail Klein  – Gainesville Middle School

Kate Bresnahan – Gainesville Middle School

Shane Huneart – Gainesville Middle School

Sindey Fitch – Gainesville Middle School

Kaelyn Chmielenski – Gainesville Middle School

Kelly Currington – Gainesville Middle School

Thomas Alexander  – Gainesville Middle School

Alex Klein – Stonewall Middle School

Elementary School

Joseph Annetta – Victory Elementary

Abigail  Shifflett – Victory Elementary

Chloe Plantz – Victory Elementary

Brayden Sloan – Piney Branch Elementary    

Thomas Rivera – Piney Branch Elementary        

John Brensnahan – Piney Branch Elementary        

Emma Bresnahan – Piney Branch Elementary        

Julie Riveria – Piney Branch Elementary

Evan Bath – Glenkirk Elementary

Anna Weaver – Glenkirk Elementary

Emma Ozark – Glenkirk Elementary

Elizabeth Ozark – Glenkirk Elementary

Olivia Ozark  – Glenkirk Elementary

Franco Allegro – Glenkirk Elementary

 Lliand Megel  – Glenkirk Elementary

Francessa Bates – Bristow Run Elementary

Dana Rainer – Cedar Point Elementary

Cameron Gittings – T. Clay Wood Elementary

Chris Worthington – T. Clay Wood Elementary

Katherine Worthington – T. Clay Wood Elementary

Brennen C. – Bristow Run Elementary

Haylee Godfrey – Bristow Run Elementary

Chris Raisigel – Nokesville Elementary School


Jordan Qualls

Morgan Lynch

Mark Romano – Pennington Traditional School


Third Quarter 2014

High School

Kara Clark – Patriot High School

Middle School

Megan Harrigan – Gainesville Middle School

Elementary School

Sean Harrigan – Victory Elementary

Stephanie Wiggins – T.Clay Woods Elementary

Hanah Munson – Bristow Run Elementary

Isabella Munson – Bristow Run Elementary

Madison Felder – Victory Elementary

Emma Dienpenbrook – T. Clay Wood Elementary

Leah Dienpenbrook – T. Clay Wood Elementary

Caiden Clark-Wimmer – T. Clay Wood Elementary

Emma and Leah Dienpenbrook- T. Clay Wood Elementary 


Ashley Bates – Pace West

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