UPDATED: 3 Students Removed from PWCS Bus

| September 29, 2015 | 0 Comments | News
Photo by Ashleigh Henegar

Photo by Ashleigh Henegar

Updated: Sept. 29, 4 p.m.

Prince William County Schools has modified its initial report of the incident involving three Ronald Reagan Middle School students who were removed from a school bus last week.

Originally the school division said that the bus had to stop for repairs prior to the incident.

“As we began to look into it. It began to appear that not everything played out as it was stated,” said Phil Kavits, Director of Communications Services for Prince William County Schools. “We’re taking a close look at what actually did happen.”

Kavits said they published their initial findings in order to provide parents with up to date information regarding their children. However, they also planned to take a step back and investigate the incident.

“It appears it did not play out as we were under the initial impression. We gave people the best knowledge we had as the situation was being managed,” Kavits said.

Prince William County Schools will release more information once they have concluded their investigation.

Kavits said that part of the investigation will center around, “What we need to do about it going forward.”

Original Story: 

According to Prince William County Schools, the school division and police are investigating an incident, which led to the removal of three students from a school bus transporting students from Reagan Middle School in Haymarket Friday afternoon.

A PWCS official posted on social media that the bus driver contacted police when students reportedly got loud after the bus broke down.

“The students were not charged and PWCS will be reviewing bus videos to determine the behavior of everyone involved,” the official said. “We are committed to ensuring the continued safety and orderly operation of our buses.”

While there were reports from multiple sources that the students made threats toward the bus driver, they were not confirmed.

“[There were] no threats, [the students were] being loud and disrespectful,” police spokesman Jonathan Perok said. “The students were transported back to the school.”


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