Bristow, Gainesville Experiences Big Voter Turnout at Morning Polls

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Voting begin to slow down at Glenkirk Elementary School as it begins to rain.

There was a big morning turnout at the polls at Bristow Run and Glenkirk elementary schools, this morning, for the Virginia State Elections and House of Delegates races.

At Bristow Run Elementary School in the 50th District, one volunteer supporting the Democrats and Lee Carter for Delegate was very surprised by the large turnout at 10 a.m.

“It’s been very busy. It seems like a national election,” said Democrat Abby Fox of Springfield, Virginia. “There’s been an unceasing flow of people; people really want to vote.”

She said she wanted to come to Prince William County because it would be a bell weather for the state,  determining the outcome of the governor’s race. She also believes it is an area where Democratic delegates can pick up some seats in the House of Delegates.

She predicts the Democrats will have some big wins Tuesday evening.

“I think it’s going to be close to ten. They are all strong candidates, serious contenders, and they all have their followings. I just think Democrats in Virginia feel like they have a mission and a purpose they have not had in previous years.”

Fox said the mood of the election has also been very positive, a kind of positivity she did not see in the presidential election.

“It’s very upbeat. Lightyears away from last year,” Fox said.

Across the parking lot, Republican volunteers Andrew Luckabaugh, a Senior at Fairfax High School, and Laura DuBard of Bristow are hoping the Republicans can keep control of the House and also win the state races.

They also know it is a seminal election.

For DuBard said many important issues are at stake. She does not want sanctuary cities in Virginia, she wants to see pro-life legislation and she is concerned about M13 gangs having a hold in Northern Virginia.

She also believes the Republicans will do a better job with national and state security and the economy.

Both DuBard and Luckabaugh believe what started out as a civil governor’s race has gotten ugly in its last weeks. They strongly condemn the Northam campaign for its “truck” commercial by Latino Victory Fund in which a pickup truck with a Gillespie bumper sticker chases down Latino and Muslim children.

Luckabaugh said Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Ralph Northam can no longer claim the high ground.

“Northam ran a very dirty campaign,” said DuBard, saying from what she saw in television ads, he did not speak to what he stood for, but instead focused on what Gillespie was against.

“I just feel like the Democratic Party does not stand for anything anymore.”

At few miles away in Glenkirk Elementary in Gainesville, in District 13, they also saw a busy morning rush. As the rain begun around 11 a.m., that rush has started to slow.

Gerald Thacker Democratic volunteer said he has seen steady traffic of people coming to vote at the school. “Maybe a little heavier than I’ve seen in past off year elections.”

He noted that Prince William has changed much over the years, and both parties are now in play, and he has seen that in those coming in to vote.

“It’s changed demographically, there’s very diverse group of voters.”

He expects this election will have lasting consequences.

“It’s going to shape the way Virginia looks and operates for quite a number of years, I think, maybe pass the four-year term.”

Thacker said he is not sure who is winning at this precinct “People are very polite here,” and not many people are refusing sample ballots.

Conrad Holtesled, Republican volunteer, also found there to be a great turnout at Glenkirk.

“For a non-presidential year, on a cloudy cold day, it’s been pretty busy,”  he said.

Holtsled does not say this year is more important than any other election year. Rather he said every year is important “that’s why I’m out here every year.”

He wants to vote Republican because he said he is looking at taxes and how they are allocated to the localities. He trusts the Republicans to direct the Virginia Constitution.

Talking about the plans to fix Route 28, Holtsled explained most people do not realize how difficult that really is. While he supports the Republicans in this race, he explained that he likes when the two parties can be agreeable and can work together.

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