Cabela’s Reverses Decision; Will Open in Gainesville in 2017

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Cabela's Front elevation Pics-2After announcing they would not enter the Northern Virginia market, Cabela’s Outdoor store will move forward on building an 80,000 square foot store at Virginia Gateway in Gainesville.

Construction will begin as soon as possible, but the store won’t open until spring of 2017.

“They are expected to start construction very soon, and be underway by early April,” said Joanna Caputi, Regional Marketing Director of the Peterson Companies.

The Peterson Companies did not comment as to Cabela’s did about-face, but the Peterson Companies President of Retail, Paul Weinschenk said, “We’ve always believed that Gainesville would be an exceptional market for Cabela’s, and we are pleased that they are honoring their commitment to open their first store in the region.”

Jeff Kaczmarkec, Director of Economic Development for Prince William County, said the county has been checking in with the Peterson Companies periodically, but it was the development company that ultimately brokered the deal.

“That’s who we had stayed in contact with over the past few months…We were not part of that discussion. But, needless to say, we’re delighted because Cabela’s has such drawing power,” he said, noting it will attract customers from Virginia, West Virginia, D.C., Maryland and beyond.

The number of shoppers Cabela’s should bring into the county is good news for Prince William, and Kaczmarkec expects some will stay in the area to dine, shop, take in entertainment, possibly even staying overnight.

“[Cabela’s] will generate additional activity in western Prince William County,” Kaczmarec said.

Because of the retailer’s size, the office of economic development will be treated as though it was one of its target industries. This will allow the county to help the retailer by expediting processes that accompany the opening of any new businesses. It is something they do for key industries, and businesses that can bolster the overall economy in the area.

Kaczmarkec expressed that he not completely surprised Cabela’s changed its mind about the Gainesville location.

“I think Cabela’s had been looking at this since November when they made the first decision. Cabela’s always knew it was a great site for them. I think it was just a matter of reviewing their other stores, [and the overall economic landscape.]”

Kaczmarec said Gainesville is an ideal location because it has the people and the income to support the store. “I think they’ve been analysizing this, and this was the right thing to do.”

According to an article in The Washington Business Journal, Cabela’s still had a lease on the Gainesville site, and it was rumored that competitor, Bass Pro Shops, might have considered moving in, if Cabela’s did not.

The article also noted that the Gainesville site would not cannibalize any of Cabela’s other stores.

Kaczmarec said he believes there were a variety of reasons the Gainesville store was reconsidered. He reminds people it is more than just a hunting store, but has a wide range of outdoor products.“They sell everything: outdoor wear, hiking biking equipment, boats, etc.”

He said the opening will not be delayed. Cabela’s always planned to open in the spring and not the winter, so to be ready for the Christmas season.

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