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Congressman Wittman Votes Against Certifying Pennsylvania Electors

Rep. Rob Wittman, Va. 1st District

Congressman Rob Wittman voted not to certify electoral votes from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Thursday morning.

This comes one day after the Capitol Building in D.C. was violently breeched by a Pro-Trump faction.

Some Republicans, who originally planned to object, reversed course in the name of restoring faith in the electoral process and promoting a peaceful transitional of power. Wittman said he does support a peaceful transition to the Biden/Harris administration.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court and U.S. Supreme Court rejected the GOP’s attempt to block the results of the Presidential election in Pennsylvania. More than 60 lawsuits by Trump and his team have failed in courts of law.

But Republicans remain divided on whether they support the election results or stand with President Donald Trump in his claim that the election was fraudulent. The President continues to contend the election was “stolen,” in swing states, even during riots at the Capitol.

Democrats all supported the verification of all electoral votes. Typically Congressional approval of the electoral votes has been considered primarily ceremonious.

Wittman released this statement: 

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Rob Wittman (R-VA-01) issued the following statement after Vice President Pence announced the results of the states’ electoral vote count of 306 electoral votes for Joe Biden and 232 electoral votes for President Trump.  

What happened on Wednesday in our nation’s Capital is a blemish on this nation and I condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the acts of violence and destruction that occurred at the Capitol building. We may disagree on policy and who we support for President, but this country is built on law and order. We must continue to stand for the great American tradition of peaceful disagreement and debate rather than anarchy and violence.

I took an oath to defend the Constitution and that is what I will continue to do as the Representative of the First Congressional District of Virginia. That oath led me to vote against certifying the electors from Pennsylvania because of unconstitutional changes to the administration of the 2020 general election, which bypassed the constitutionally vested power of the state legislature and fundamentally changed the state’s election procedures. Simply put, the evidence is clear that Pennsylvania failed to follow the laws and constitutional tenets that govern its elections. Furthermore, the legal challenge to Pennsylvania’s election is still underway and is currently on the docket of the United States Supreme Court.

Congress has a Constitutional duty to uphold and maintain the integrity of our system of government. I am a firm believer that states should select their own electors, not Congress, and that the electoral college is a key feature of our Republic. However, when disputes concerning a presidential election arise, under Federal law, it is Congress who reviews the evidence and resolves disputes. I believe the facts support my vote to object to the Pennsylvania electors and I encourage the Supreme Court to act quickly to address Pennsylvania’s unconstitutional procedures.

I have been very clear from the beginning that I fully support debating and examining all evidence in states where Constitutional questions have been raised, which the Founders determined was Congress’s role as a final oversight capacity.  In addition to Pennsylvania, objections were also made against certifying electors from Arizona over concerns with claims of irregularities. We must not tolerate fraud in elections and all fraud must be pursued in court, not Congress, according to Article III of the Constitution. I don’t believe the evidence presented during the debate of Arizona electors rose to the level of unconstitutionality observed in Pennsylvania, and therefore I voted to certify the electors from Arizona.

Again, my oath to this office is to defend the Constitution and faithfully discharge my duties. Regardless of my personal opinion of who I believe is best to lead this country, this is bigger than just this election. This is about upholding the Constitution and ensuring integrity and faith in elections to come. Americans’ concerns deserve to be heard; we must have faith in the electoral process and continue to take steps to ensure fair and free elections.

Thoughtful deliberation is at the heart of our Republic and ensuring the peaceful transition of power is at the very bulwark of our democracy. Now is the time to move forward as one nation. By count of the electoral college, Joe Biden becomes President-Elect and Kamala Harris becomes Vice President-Elect. The peaceful transition of power will occur, just as it has every four years since 1792. I wish President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris the blessings of good health and sound judgement as our nation navigates these unprecedented times. It is together that we will face the future, and we shall do so as one nation. I am praying for our nation as we move forward as one. May God bless the United States of America.”

As of early Jan. 6 more than 100 Trump-loyal Republicans planned to challenge certification of electoral votes from one or more swing states won by President-Elect Joe Biden – Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin. After the violence at the Capitol Building, some Republicans reversed course.

Six members of the Senate, including Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and Ted Cruz (R-TX), and 121 House members objected to certifying Arizona electors, Thursday morning. Seven Senators, including Scott Perry (R-PA) and Sen. Joshua Hawley (R-MO) objected to certifying electors from Pennsylvania as did 138 House members.

Congressman Rob Wittman represents the 1st District of Virginia. He serves on the House Natural Resources Committee and the House Armed Services Committee, where he serves as the ranking member of the Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee.

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