Corey Stewart Compares Liberal Media to ISIS

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Chairman Corey Stewart responds to liberal backlash in youtube video.

Under fire by celebrities and the national media, Corey Stewarts compares national liberal media to ISIS.

In a self-created campaign video, Corey Stewart, Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors and Republican candidate for Virginia governor, dresses in a Harley-Davidson t-shirt and sends a controversial message to his base. 

“These national liberal papers, let them say their lies. They’re just like ISIS,” Stewart said. “They don’t care about the truth.”

Stewart worked as Virginia Chairman of the Trump Campaign in Virginia before being fire shortly before the election. He also claims to have been “Trump Before Trump was Trump.”

Throughout his recent campaign, Stewart has positioned himself as a conservative populist, calling his Republican opponent Ed Gillespie the establishment candidate.

Stewart’s campaign is best known for his advocacy for preserving Confederate monuments that diverse communities tend to see as celebrating the wrong side of history.

Stewart’s statement defends his campaign stance in which he said it is “historical vandalism” to remove Confederate statues even if when local jurisdictions, such as the City Council of Richmond, have voted to do.

In a similar stance, should he be elected governor, he said he would not allow liberal localities to make their own regulations regarding gender specific bathrooms.

In recent weeks, Stewart has posed in front of a Confederate Flag, talking about the preservation of Confederate history.

Stewart says it is about preserving truth, saying in his video: “Once you forget history, you forget it, and you’re doomed to repeat it.” 

Mo Elleithee is the Executive Director of the Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service.

His controversial actions have garnered national attention: negative reactions in the media and social media a like. 

“I’ve been attached by every liberal celebrity that there is just a whole lot of media stars, NBA star, NFL stars,” said Stewart in his video. “You know, and just a lot of liberal — junk out of Hollywood.”

Stewart frames the backlash as a victory.

“So why? Because I’m standing up to them. I’m standing up to political correctness. I’m standing up to the destruction of our history that is going on all across the country..and it’s coming right here to Virginia. I just want to let you know. I’m never backing down.”

In recent weeks Prince William County Republicans, even members of his own Prince William Board of County Supervisors, have spoken out about Stewart’s controversial rhetoric.

“The Prince William Republican Committee unequivocally denounces that statement,” said D.J. Jordan, spokesperson for the Prince William County Republican Committee.

Brentsville Supervisor Jeanine Lawson (R) offered this statement:

I’m typically not one to defend the national media because I do believe they have a liberal agenda, however comparing them to ISIS is absurd. I’m puzzled and disappointed that Stewart’s campaign has intentionally made the Confederate flag and statues the central focus of his message. I believe Virginians’ top concerns are the economy and jobs, transportation solutions, and public education. I’ve endorsed Ed Gillespie because his priorities for leading Virginia align with mine.

Towards the end of his video, Stewart changes the conversation saying the real issue of his campaign is job growth. 

“We’re getting our lunch eaten by North Carolina. We’re losing jobs…While the liberals are all talking about tearing down statues we are going to  be talking about bringing back jobs to Virginia.”

Stewart said he wants to reduce the top marginal income tax and refers viewers to his website for more information.

Watch the Video 

Bristow Beat reached out to Stewart’s campaign manager Friday. Should the Stewart campaign issue a response, we will publish it. 

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