County Studies Traffic Flow on Route 29, Route 15

| September 13, 2017 | 0 Comments | News

By Prince William County Government 

The Department of Transportation is conducting a traffic study to review feasible options to improve traffic flow and safety on the U.S. 29-U.S. 15 corridor, which would minimize impacts to the Buckland Historic area and surrounding historic, cultural, scenic and environmental areas. 

Prince William County Transportation Planner George Phillips said the goal of the study is to find out what people think of several options being considered at the same time they learn something about the potential routes in the corridor.

The study is being conducted through Twitter and Facebook, Phillips said. “The whole point is to gather input, to let people know about the status of the study, which is ongoing. The idea is for people to give us input on recommendations they would like to see. We can then move forward and look at alternatives.”

To see the study, leave a comment or to find more information, follow @29by15 on Twitter or search “29by15” on Facebook.  

The study is scheduled to end in October, Phillips said.

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