Dominion Power Argues Against Reconsideration of Carver Line Route

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Image of high voltage power lines from the Dominion Power website.

Dominion Power has argued to the State Corporation Commission that a reconsideration of the Carver Line Route for the proposed high-voltage power lines in unnecessary.

In its argument, Dominion Power requested the Commission deny the petitions to revisit the issue, saying that the need for the Haymarket Project has been established, and over time, the need has grown.

The energy company further argued that citizens offer no new information within their petitions.

“Petitioners offer no legal basis or sound reasoning for granting reconsideration of the Final Order,” said the Summary of Argument.

DominionSCCresponse to Motions for Reconsideration 081617

Over the past three years Haymarket residents have argued that their homes, businesses, nature reserves, historic sites and scenic views should not be negatively affected by highly visible power lines primarily intended to serve an Amazon data center to be built outside the industrial area.

Neighborhoods have banded together and nearly unilaterally requested that the power lines be partially buried along I-66 to preserve property and view shed, despite that being the most expensive option.

In a statement released Aug. 16, the Coalition to Protect Prince William County, a citizens’ group opposing the power lines, offering the following statement:

The Coalition was not surprised by Dominion’s response to our Motion for Rehearing or Reconsideration. Dominion prefers to use alternative facts, while the Coalition will remain dedicated to using real facts. We relish the opportunity to provide a reply.

Del. Bob Marshall (R-13th District) likewise took umbrage with Dominion’s response, releasing a statement, Aug. 17, entitled “Dominion Energy’s Deceit, Dissimulation, and Dishonesty.”

In it, Marshall alleges Dominion Power provided omissions, misrepresentations and contrivances in its response to the State Corporation Commission “to rationalize building 110-foot high power towers to serve a Haymarket data center six miles outside of an Industrial area.”

He questioned the process, and doubted the agents involved grasped the gravity of what is at stake for homeowners and businesses.

“This unprecedented process, which will affect the livelihood, income, neighborhoods and home values of so many citizens, is very disturbing to say the least,” said Marshall.

The SCC suspended their “final order” selection the Carver Road route July 14, pending the commission’s reconsideration of motions presented by citizens in the Coalition and the Somerset Crossing HOA.

August 16, Dominion responded by challenging the need and other issues raised by the motions for consideration. The two petitioning parties will have the opportunity to file a response.

Dominion must file a complete report with the SCC “regarding the constructability of the Carver Road Route, or not, and/or proceed with any requests for variations to the Carver Road Route, or reconsideration of alternative noticed route,” by Sept. 22.

Following that, the SCC will determine the next steps.

Marshall received a response August 11 from Legislative Services attorneys in Richmond, which advised him that all routes, even those not previously identified, could be chosen for the power line.

“In this instance, notice to affected landowners and publication in a local newspaper would be required,” wrote the attorney.

Over the past three plus years, Dominion has put forth 12 route:

  • I-66 Overhead Route
  • Jordan Lane Variation to the I-66 Overhead Route
  • Walmart Variation to the I-66 Overhead Route
  • Carver Road Route
  • Madison Route
  • I-66 Hybrid Route
  • Railroad Route
  • New Road Route – A
  • New Road Route – B
  • Northern Route
  • Western Route – A
  • Western Route – B

“Disputing the alleged ‘need’ for the lines is critical to protecting homeowners and businesses in western Prince William,” said the Coalition. “A phrase on the Archives Building in Washington, DC is most apt here: eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

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