Elite Pools & Patios Helps People Maintain Healthy Pools, Create Memorable Summers

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Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your yard and swimming pool this summer, and leave the hard work of pool maintenance to someone else?

Having a pool service and getting expert advice is now convenient for Western Prince William residents.

Jennifer and Roger Wing were excited to open Elite Pools and Patios, an independently owned an operated business, at Piedmont Plaza in Gainesville on March 23, 2019.

The store services swimming pools and hot tubs providing regular or occasional pool maintenance. For those who maintain their own pools, they also selling pool chemicals and equipment needed to keep the water clean and healthy.

The store also sells pool-enhancing features such as lighting, lounging floats, chairs and pool toys. On the patio side, the store sells patio furniture and decorative items.

And Elite Pools and Patios can open and close pools, plus get them in optimal condition for the summer swim season.

Roger has worked in the pool industry for almost 20 years. He can answer almost any pool questions, said Jennifer, his wife, and business partner. “I can easily say there’s nothing that stumps him.”

It’s crucial to have a professional managing a pool or at least providing expert knowledge and assistance, she explained.

Roger and Jen Wing have been working in the pool service industry for a number of years.

“You’ve got to know what you’re doing,” said Jennifer. “You are dealing with water people are swimming in. If you do it wrong, you can make people sick.”

Being dedicated to pool maintenance for such a long time means that the Wings have the answers people are looking for and they love what they do.

“Water has been Roger’s passion,” said Jennifer, since he lived in Daytona Beach. “He got into pools, fell in love, and knew that was what he wanted to be doing. He’s the good guy, fixing the pool and saving the day.”

Jennifer feels the same way about customer service. “I like helping, making a difference. Pools are a fun way to do that. We’re a very good team together.”

Recently, Elite received a state certificate in being a Certified Pool & Spa Operator. To earn the certification they needed to take classes and become up to date on what is new in pool maintenance.

One trend they have seen is many people are changing to saltwater pools.

“It’s more natural than some other harsh chemicals,” Jennifer said. The chemicals are softer, have less of a smell and feel silkier and softer on skin.

The maintenance is also different, so there is a learning curve. And there are pro and cons for each system. For instance, the softer chemicals break down faster in sunlight.

Pool maintenance is no easy task, Jennifer explains. “It’s chemistry class.” It is more than just adding the same chemicals each day. One has to tackle extra dirt, acid rain, or other elements getting into the pool and maintain a consistent PH level.

But pool maintenance is also time-consuming. Jennifer notes having a pool is like having a pet. One cannot just forget about his pool.

Jennifer and Roger Wings are the owners of Elite Pools and Patios in Gainesville.

“This is a lot of work,” said Jennifer. “In three days you can have a green pool.”

That is the reason Elite Pools and Patios offers limited maintenance as well, to service the pool during while the homeowners are on vacation.

They will also help open a pool. A pool that has been warming since the beginning of spring will need extra help to reach a healthy Ph level. And Elite offers $50 off for those who purchase pool opening and closing services together.

But not everyone needs a pool to shop at Elite Pools & Patios, just a desire to make their back yards, patios or decks beautiful, functional and relaxing. The store sells patio furniture, umbrellas, hammocks, fire tables, speakers, solar lights, wind spinners, rain gages, tiki-bars, outdoor games, accessories and bug repellant, and more, all high-quality products.

They invite people to wander around their store and see all that they have to offer. They are very inviting and hope to meet more people in the community.

While one is there, donate to the “wishing well.” The store will choose a nonprofit each season to which to donate everything that has been collected.

The couple both feels that what they do is more than just pool service, it’s helping people, so there is one less thing to worry about, and their customers can just enjoy their summer!

Elite Pools and Patios is located at 6892 Piedmont Center Plaza, Gainesville, Virginia. Call them at 571-581-4813.

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