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Errand Works Offers Holiday Wrapping Parties, Tree Lightings, Decorating

| November 30, 2017 | 0 Comments | News

Presents under a decorated Christmas tree. Copyright Nastya Tepikina

Errand Works is offering holiday services, including gift wrapping sessions, shipping and tree decorating.

The local, independently owned company Errand Works runs errands for busy people. They also help the elderly to their appointments and fulfill their daily, weekly or occasional errands.

For the holiday season, Errand Works is offering gift wrapping events to businesses and other groups.

Errand Works is talking with local school PTSOs that are considering wrapping parties for their schools’ teachers and staff. The organizations would pay for educators to have their gifts wrapped on site.

Errand Works’ owner Jennifer Wellington said that the same could be done at other schools or businesses. Gift wrapping events can be sponsored, or employees can pay for their own wrapping.

Wrapping is affordable at a cost of $3 to $7 per gift, depending upon the size of the box or item. Wrapping includes quality paper, bows or ribbons and a name tag.

One business owner offered to sponsor the wrapping event as a gift to all of his employees. “Employees love it,” said Wellington, noting that it is one less thing they need to do over the holidays.

The wrapping parties could also include charitable giving. A small fee would be added to each wrapping that would then be donated to a charity of the client’s choice.

It’s also a way to play Santa’s helper.

“It is also a great way for parents to differentiate presents from Santa because Errand Works offers a variety of wrapping paper different from what people have in their homes,” Wellington said.

Along with the gift wrapping, the company can drop off packages at UPS for shipping. 

“Errand Works will provide boxes and packing material for UPS shipping, as well as take the boxes to UPS for a nominal charge,” Wellington said.

Jennifer Welling of Errand Works adverting her companies holiday services with an oversized Christmas-themed banner card.

Errand Works is also offering a seasonal service by which they put up Christmas trees, lights, ornaments and indoor decorations. The service costs $100 per hour for a team of two. They will offer a similar service to take down the tree after the holidays as well.

All holiday services are in addition to the services that Errand Works offers year-round.

Errand Works most popular service is helping the elderly. Errand Works’ employees grocery shop for their senior clients, take them to their appointments and take notes, or help them to organize their spaces at home.

“Whether it is driving them to the doctor, helping them to declutter or whatever,” Wellington said they are flexible with the kind of services they offer.

Errand Works has begun doing chores for residents in assisted living homes, as well, such as organize their clothing and personal items. The services Errand Works offers helps relatives as well as the residents, freeing them up to enjoy their family members rather than simply caretake for them.

In addition to those senior services, Errand Works will run errands for busy professionals and families, everything from grocery pickup, to post office runs and dry-cleaning pickups.

Readers can visit the Errand Works website for more information or contact Jennifer Wellington at 703-881-1599 with Errand Works with any questions or to schedule a service.

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