Haymarket-Gainesville Library Opens to Fan Fare

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At the library ribbon cutting: Supervisors (L-R) Mike May, John Jenkins, Maureen Caddigan, Chairman Corey Stewart, Pete Candland; Prince William Library Director, Dr. Constance Gilman; Mary Jo Rigby; Supervisor Marty Nohe; State Sen. Dick Black. (Supervisor Jeanine Lawson was also in attendance.)

The new Haymarket-Gainesville Community Library opened with much fan fare, last Thursday morning, after a presentation, which commenced with a ribbon cutting.

The Ceremony 

“At a time when many communities are closing their libraries, Prince William County has built two new large community ones,” announced Prince William Board of County Supervisors’ Chairman At-large Corey Stewart.

Stewart explained that even though Google can get a person 10,000 answers, no one can get you the “right answer” like a librarian.

Stewart thanked Mary Jo Rigby, Gainesville’s representative on the Prince William Library Board of Trustees, saying she often called him saying “hey, Buster, I want it open by 2015.”

Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland said he predicted the Haymarket-Gainesville Library would become the community’s new “hot spot,” and he said, as Donald Trump often says, “I was right.”

Exterior view of the Haymarket-Gainesville Community Library.

Exterior view of the Haymarket-Gainesville Community Library.

Candland described it as “not your father’s library” because of its impressive architecture and technological integration. He predicts that it will  bridge the gap between socio and economic differences and empower and improve lives of the populations it serves, both young and old.

Candland thanked Potomac Supervisor Maureen Caddigan for her support for the library, saying she made it “clear that both libraries- the one in Gainesville and the one in Montclair- will be built.”

Burk Andrews, the president of the library board of trustees, talked about how the library is located along Hallowed Ground, Route 15, which connects the locations of numerous Civil War battlefields, starting with Gettysburg in the north and ending in Charlottesville to the south.

Avid reader, Amy Wyatt, who came out for the opening, said she was going through library withdrawal since the Gainesville Neighborhood Library closed at the end of September.

Resident take their children into the new library's children's section.

Resident walk through the new library’s children’s section.

“I’m one of those people you can count on one hand” Wyatt said, explaining she enjoys rare reads, including quality literature, law, medicine, Biblical archeology and ancient languages.

As a person who doesn’t drive, Wyatt said visiting a bookstore is always a treat, but she depends on the public library system. She is very happy this library is so much bigger than the neighborhood one it replaced.

Inside the Library 

After the ribbon cutting, ceremony attendees had a chance to go inside the library, many for the first time.

The building’s most prominent features include its valeted ceilings, modern light fixtures and large windows, which work to create a peaceful environment. Housed in a circular room, creating panoramic views, is the children’s section. In the center of the room, stands a circle of brightly colored cubbies.The young adult section, with its bar stools and round breakfast nook-style seating, reminds one of an urban cafe.

The library is also stocked with flat screen computers monitors.

Today is the ribbon cutting for the other Prince William County Library in Montclair.

See more photos of the Haymarket-Gainesville Community Library on our Instagram page.

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