Kaine, Wexton, Wittman Winners in Virginia Congressional Races

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Senator Tim Kaine meets with Virginia citizen. (Tim Kaine, U.S. Senate website)

Midterm election results are rolling in Virginia where there were outstanding turnouts at the polls, especially in highly contested Prince William County. 

It appears to be wins for Senator Tim Kaine (D), Jennifer Wexton (D) in the 10th District House Race, and Rob Wittman (R) incumbent in the 1st District House Race.

Senate Race

Republican Senate incumbent Tim Kaine appears to be the winner over challenger Corey Stewart, Chairman of the Prince William County Supervisors.

Kaine has 56.86% of the vote (1,888,410) to Stewart’s 41.14% (1,366,017) with 99.88% of precincts reporting.

Stewart failed to convert his own county and lost Prince William County handedly, winning only 34.36% (52,090) of the vote to Kaine’s 63.72% (96,598) in a county that is being more diverse and more blue.

Kaine was well known as a former governor and vice presidential candidate as well as senator. Stewart, who formerly served as Trump’s campaign manager in Virginia, ran a controversial campaign, likening himself to Trump. Stewart posed with Confederate Flags and ran on a tough stance on illegal immigration.

Jennifer Wexton. Photo from campaign website.

Congress, 10th District

In the 10th District House Race, it is a big win for Democrat Jennifer Wexton, over incumbent Republican Barbara Comstock. 

Wexton has 56.15% (202,557) of the votes to Comstock’s 43.69% (157,561.)

In Prince William County, the race played out differently than in Loudoun. Comstock remained ahead of Wexton, but her lead diminished as the night went on. She received 50.24% of the Prince William vote to Wexton’s 49.76%. With only 93.75% reporting, that could still turn to Wexton. This is a good sign that Wexton is inline with Prince William values.

Nationally, the Comstock was considered a vulnerable candidate because of the makeup of her suburban constituency. Weston’s campaign has tried to connect with President Trump, whereas Comstock tried to distinguish herself without too close an association with the president.

Wexton was already well-known as a state delegate, and supported most liberal/progressive values. 

Congressman Wittman addresses a crowd in Nokesville.

Congress, 1st District

One Republican who held a his seat is incumbent Rob Wittman of the 1st District. With now 100% of precincts reporting, Rob Wittman has 55.22% (183,132) of the vote to Vangie William’s 44.69% (148,212.)

Williams is a relative newcomer. A Federal employee and mother of six, she ran on a moderate progressive platform and tried to associate Wittman with being in the pocket of the corporations, while she represented the people. 

Wittman presented some moderate Republican opinions, while focusing on his strength with military families, veterans, small businesses and family values.

In Prince William County, Vangie Williams had a big lead 56.72% (56.72%) over Wittman at 43.25% (56.72%), continuing the trend of a strong blue turnout in western Prince William as seen in the Kaine-Stewart race. This is an odd district that includes Bristow, Nokesville, Stafford, Fredericksburg and more rural districts. 

All results published here are based upon the numbers reported by the Virginia Department of Elections.

This article has been updated as of 7:10 a.m. Wednesday morning. 

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