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Local GOP Leaders Blast Corey Stewart for Reddit Comment

| March 24, 2017 | 0 Comments | News

Corey’s photo announcing his Reddit forum.

Prince William Republicans are calling out Chairman Corey Stewart for a comment he made on Reddit, Thursday, in which he called his Republican opponent in the primary race for Virginia Governor a “cuckservative.” They claim the term is racially charged.

Mar. 23, Stewart held an Ask Me Anything open Forum on Reddit on the The_Donald page, a page for fans of President Donald Trump. In his opening statement, he called Ed Gillespi a “cuckservative.”

Hey Riddit, I’m Corey Stewart. Republican Candidate for Governor of Virginia and former State Chair for Donald Trump for President. The primary election is June 13th. I am opposing the establishment’s handpicked candidate, former Bush guy, RNC chairman, and cuckservative, Ed Gillespie. I led the nation’s toughest crackdown on illegal immigration in the nation (sic) and have been attacked by the left and establishment republicans. I need your help.

As “cuckservative” is a fairly new term, and as such, its meaning is fluid. While there is no official definition, Wikipedia, (which is subject to change), asserts the word is derived from cuckold, a man whose wife is having an affair; it indicates weakness. It is often used by Republicans to mean a conservative who leans too liberal and has sold out his conservative values.

However, some websites indicate the term also has a more nefarious meaning often used among the “Alt-right” and white supremacist groups. To them, the term can be more racially charged, meaning a conservative who does not favor the white race over all others.

Willie Deutsch, Cole’s school board member, believes Stewart intended the language as racially charged, and that Stewart should be held accountable for his words.

Friday, Deutsch sent out a release blasting Stewart for his comment and calling for him to resign from his position of Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors.

“Conservative leaders in Prince William County can no longer be silent,” said Deutsch in a release. “Stewart’s values are not conservative values, nor are they Republican values, nor are they Virginia values. The use of racially charged language to further his gubernatorial campaign is divisive, racially motivated, and wrong.”

Deutsch goes on to say white supremacy is “unconscionable,” and that Stewart has effectively disqualified himself as a gubernatorial candidate in the primary.

BREAKING: Prince William County Leaders Are Calling On Stewart To Resign

According to The Jeffersoniad, a Republican blog, Prince William Republican Committee Chairwoman, Dottie Miller, also tried to distance herself from Stewart as well.

“Name-calling and vulgar rhetoric like what Corey is using is not supported by the Prince William Republican Committee. Republicans want a campaign focused on policy and vision for the state, not crude language,” Miller said.

Stewart, however, claims this is nothing more than false outrage from Gillespie’s camp.

“It is disgraceful that the stooges within the Republican Party took a page out of the left’s playbook and would so dishonestly attempt to inject race and identity politics into the Republican primary campaign for governor of the Commonwealth,” Stewart said in the release.

He calls those bringing his statements to the media “stooges” working for “Establishment Ed,” to influence the election. Stewart goes on to call Gillespie supporters “the same weak-kneed ‘Republicans’ who worked against President Trump to elect Hillary Clinton.”

However, the possible “cuckservative” slur is not the only shocking bit in Stewart’s Reddit forum. Within the thread, Stewart asserts that Bill Clinton is a rapist, and agrees with someone that Terry McAuliffe should be in jail, following an investigation.

Stewart said his first acts as governor would to extend his criminal anti-illegal immigration policy throughout the state. That would mean involving local police in rounding up undocumented immigrants that had previously been arrested in the Commonwealth and then handing them over to ICE, as he has begun to do in Prince William.

Trump supporters in the forum praised Stewart for his gumption, candor and follow through on nationalist ideas.

In his press release, Stewart said it is regrettable that the party does not hold open primary elections to let the people of Virginia decide the outcome.

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