Movement Fitness Launches 42-Day Lean Jean Challenge

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Owner/Trainer Marcus Brugger works with a member in a small group setting at Movement Fitness.

Movement Fitness, the small group personal training studio in Gainesville, is holding its second annual 42-Day Lean Jean Challenge, starting Sept. 11, 2017.

Movement Fitness is a place for those serious about changing their bodies, beginning at any point in their fitness and health journeys. Clients will have the support of a trainer and a team of like-minded individuals. They will be held accountable to attend classes and will not have to stress over creating their own successful and enduring workout routines.

The Lean Jean Challenge is an ideal way to dedicate oneself to a healthy lifestyle after an indulgent summer, believes Movement Fitness Owner, Marcus Brugger.

“It’s a back to school challenge. It challenges them to get back into, or start a new, healthy routine after the summer,” Brugger said.

The challenge is to lose two inches off one’s waist. Those who meet that goal within the time frame will win a new smaller sized pair of jeans. Last year, more than half the participants reached their goals, and everyone made some marked improvements.

Photos capture the before and after photos of members who have made dramatic transformations.

Those who register for the Lean Jean Challenge will receive Movement Fitness’s most inclusive experience, which includes small training sessions plus nutritional advice, meal planning and weigh-ins.

Brugger and his staff offer professional guidance. Brugger studied health and fitness and worked for years as a personal trainer before launching Movement Fitness in 2012. As a small business owner, he has built his business mainly through word of mouth as people like to share their success stories with friends and colleagues.

Brugger believes people enjoy the experience of working within a small group. They have a coach to guide them and a team to support them. The groups are eclectic and run between four and eight people from every age group, size and demographic; everyone tends to support one another.

“People are pretty supportive and happy with other people being successful,” said Brugger. “People are just friendly.”

Movement Fitness’s training sessions evenly work all the major muscle groups, and the core, which is key to building strength and preventing injuries.

Participants stretch at Movement Fitness.

“You become full-body strong rather than just strong in one area. You prevent injuries by doing various muscle groups because you’re not neglecting any part of your body,” Brugger said.

At Movement Fitness, trainers counsels and evaluates their clients and adjust exercises to personally fit each members’ needs.

The mix of cardio and strength training efficiently burns calories and boosts metabolism for lean bodies. However, it is not a leisurely workout. Clients will work hard, break a sweat and work their muscles.

However, success is proven. On the studio wall are photos of members who achieved dramatic body transformations with Movement Fitness. They are all average people, not athletes, so no one should feel intimidated.

“Majority of our people are people who are working towards their goal. They are here because they have a goal and they need help,” Brugger said.

Movement Fitness works around people’s busy schedules offering classes in the morning, late afternoons and evening, and no one is locked into one specific time.

Marcus Brugger explains an exercise in a small group setting.

Brugger believes the Lean Jean Challenge is a terrific introduction to Movement Fitness. It provides motivation to reach a short-term goal, which can create momentum to fuel a long-term transformation.

Movement Fitness is located at 7669 Limestone Drive, Suite 108, in Gainesville. Readers can visit the 42-Day Lean Jean Challenge webpage, the Motion Fitness Facebook page, or call 703-371-5453- to make an appointment for a free week and health evaluation and get 50% off the 42 Day Lean Jean Challenge.

Movement Fitness will be registering people to join the Lean Jean Fitness Challenge until Sept. 9.

Movement Fitness also offers one on one training, 2-3 times a week sessions and all access training plans.


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