Drivers of Multi-Vehicle Accident Escape Harm in Nokesville

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Photo of car underneath truck on Route 28 in Nokesville

Following a minor car accident, two tractor trailers collided on Route 28 in Nokesville Friday morning, crushing the car. Photo Courtesy of Nokesville Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department

The Nokesville Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department responded 1:04 a.m. Friday to an accident involving two tractor trailers and a car in the area of Route 28 north in Nokesville; no injuries were reported.

According to a department spokesperson, an ambulance was dispatched initially in response to a call for a struck pedestrian.

“The crew from ambulance 505B began searching for patients [at the scene]. The crew then noticed a car was sandwiched between the two tractor-trailers. Dispatched was updated that the collision was semi vs. semi vs. car,” Department President Mark Engman posted of the department website.

Emergency crews reported that the driver of the car was not in his vehicle when the accident occurred.

“The driver had been involved in a minor accident prior to this accident and had exited his car,” Engman said. “The driver refused any medical treatment.”

Photo of a collision between two tractor trailers on Route 28 in Nokesville

The drivers of the two tractor trailers and the car were not injured in the accident. Photo Courtesy of Nokesville Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department

Bristow Beat will report more information regarding the accident when it becomes available.

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