UPDATED: Friends, Relatives Remember Patriot Grad Josh Morrison

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Josh Morrison and his mother, Melissa. Photo Courtesy of Melissa Morrison

By Samantha Scarola and Stacy Shaw

The Patriot High School community mourns the passing of one of its recent graduates, Joshua Michael Morrison, 19. Morrison died Friday evening from injuries resulting from a car accident on Christmas Day in Nokesville.

Josh Morrison was known around the county for being an outstanding outfielder for the Patriot Pioneers. As of late December, he had just completed his first semester at George Mason University.

While Morrison was an excellent athlete and student, friends and relatives say they will remember Morrison first and foremost for his easy-going nature, loyalty and love of laughter.

His sister, Ashley Morrison, 17, described him as everything a big brother should be, “caring, protective, kind, funny, playful, loving, strong and loyal.”

“Josh has just about every positive quality you can think of. Most of all, he’s someone I’m very proud of, and I look up to,” she said. “He’s the coolest guy I know; he’s a superstar.”

Ashley said she continues to talk about her brother in the present tense, saying, “He’s still here with us through the memories we have of him, and the legacy he’s created. He’s here with us in our hearts.”

One of her favorite memories of Josh, was when they were sitting together alone in the car, blasting their favorite music without their mom to tell them to turn it down.

“We’d both sing at the top of our lungs. It was so much fun and made me really happy,” she said.

Josh Morrison's girlfriend Maddie Slattery said this photo with Josh and her nephew Trystan is her favorite.

Maddie Slattery, Josh Morrison’ girlfriend, thought of him not only as her boyfriend, but her best friend as well. Slattery said she first met Morrison back in the seventh grade when he came and sang in her class.

“He told me from that moment on, he knew we would be together,” she said.

She also recognized him as an extraordinarily charismatic young man.

“He wasn’t your average teenager. His charisma would leave you in amazement the way his sentences just flowed. He was the type of person who comes along once in a lifetime,” Slatter said.

Friends also shared similar positive memories of Morrison.

“Josh was always the person that could make you laugh. Anytime you saw him, he was smiling and was always just looking for a good time. He was a really great person and a really nice guy,” Geoffry Berryman, 17, a senior at Patriot High School, said.

Friend and former classmate Elliot Brant, 18, currently a student at James Madison University, tells a story, which relates Morrison’s outlandish humor.

Josh was always a goofball, telling jokes and making people smile everywhere we went. I remember one particular afternoon, school had just let out and our whole [group of friends] went to the parking lot. We were all huddled up in a circle, laughing and telling jokes when Josh came running towards us and said, ‘you put your right foot in; you put your right foot out.’

Morrison called the dance the “Homie Pookie,” said Brant.

However, Morrison’s friends, not wanting him to have the last laugh, yelled, “BOOOO” in response. After that the friends scattered, laughing and leaving Josh, “beat red in the middle of the circle,” Brant said. “Yeah, that was Josh, always trying to be funny, even though sometimes we were a pretty tough crowd.”

Nick Brown, 19, a first year student at the College of William and Mary, had  been best friends with Morrison since they were 7-years old. Brown said that besides being very athletic, he knew Morrison to be kind, caring and “extremely quick-witted,” including, with his jokes and impersonations of his favorite characters from “Anchorman” or “Austin Powers.”

Brown said he had the pleasure of attending school with Morrison and also playing baseball with him. He always envied Morrison’s work ethic both on the field and in the classroom. Brown believes that his friend will always be there to look over those he left behind.

“Josh will always be in my heart and watching over everyone that he touched during his time with us,” Brown said.

Brown’s sister, Jenna, 14, a student at Patriot High School, said she considered Josh to be another brother to her, and she knew she could turn to him for guidance.

Grace Life Community Church, located at 9560 Linton Hall Rd, Bristow, will hold a memorial service Wednesday, Jan. 8 at 5 p.m.

Josh Morrison had many friends, who wanted to share their memories of Josh. Their comments are included below.

Matt Berquist, classmate/friend

Josh Morrison was the most caring person. He had a smile that could brighten up a room. He can turn your bad mood into a better mood every time. Most athletic and smartest person I’ve met. I look up to him as a leader because he helped me with so much in life. I could go to him about any situation I’m in, and he always gives me the right answer to help me out. He was a special person who’s my best friend Joshua Michael Morrison, who I love to death forever.

Cassidy Rowell, Patriot High School senior

He’s such an amazing person inside and out. He’s so selfless, always putting others feelings before himself. He was a shoulder to cry on and an amazing friend to me. The best part was his smile was contagious and he’d do anything to cheer you up.

Nick Moore, former teammate

Everything together from chasing girls and playing ball to laughing at Will Ferrell movies and eating his favorite foods (Pizza Rolls, Reese’s, and Goldfish). He was so smart and talented at almost everything he did.  After every baseball game we won, we would look at each other as the last pitch was thrown and once the game was over we would run towards each other in the outfield and jump into each other with tons of excitement and joy.  I’ll never forget that feeling I shared with him numerous times. I know I will get to share that feeling with him once again when I get to play along side him in Heaven. 

Terry Smith, 19, James Madison University

Not too many people are fortunate to have had the relationship I had with Josh. We laughed, we loved, we fought, we cried… we were brothers. His lovable personality was contagious. He made my darkest hours some of my brightest and was always there when I needed someone. Josh above all, was a character. His muffin man voice was priceless, his smile was flawless, his willingness to help others was inspiring, and his heart was enormous. He’s provided me with endless memories. The best one has to be when I broke his collarbone and sent him airborne with a medicine ball and laughed in his face about it or when we put toothpaste on him while he was sleeping and he chased after us. He tracked me down, whacked me in the back and poured ranch in my mouth (I HATED RANCH). Not too long after that, we were having a ranch and syrup war in [a friends’] kitchen. Whoops. It was the most fun and disgusting mess I’d ever been apart of. These memories along with countless others will forever be in my heart. I know Josh will guide me from above and push me for greatness.

Jenna Brown, 14, Patriot High School 

I have had two brothers since the day I was born, Jeff and Nick Brown. I added another brother to that at the age of 3 when the Morrison family came into my life and our families started to mold together. I have grown up with guidance and love from Josh and his family. Without him, our large family vacations wouldn’t have been as fun as they always were. The memories of going go-karting, mini-golfing, throwing the skippy ball in the ocean, going to dinner, seeing him grow out of his “I only eat pizza or chicken phase”, traveling to Florida, going on cruises and seeing all of the beautiful ports and so many more, will always stay with me and remind me of him. I know that he is with me always and he’s listening to me even if I talk too much. I love him so very much and I know I will see him again one day.

Kara Worley, Pioneers baseball team manager

Watching Josh step foot onto a baseball field was such a beautiful sight to witness. A player with such talent matched by a hardworking mentality is something you don’t see everyday. It was a pleasure to be around such a charismatic and positive player. “Jmo” touched the lives of many on and off the field. Thank you Josh!<3

“heroes get remembered, legends never die” Joshua Morrison is a legend. And heaven knows you’re already up their in the outfield playin’ ball Jmo. #DRS #22

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