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Prince William Board Withdraws Gun Control Resolution

| January 15, 2020 | 0 Comments | News

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors withdrew Resolution 10A, Tuesday. The controversial resolution recommended the Virginia General Assembly approve some forms of gun control and gun safety legislation.

Resolution 10A was a response to the previous Republican-controlled board declaring Prince William a “2nd Amendment Constitutional County,” meaning the board does not approve of the state infringing upon its citizens’ rights to bear arms.

The board did not declare Prince William County would refuse to cooperate with state laws and become a “gun sanctuary.”

Newly elected Chairwoman At-large Ann Wheeler (D) brought forth Resolution 10A at her first meeting as Chairwoman, Jan. 7. It seemed the Democrat-controlled board had the votes to pass the resolution.

However, supervisors were less resolute in support of 10A after sitting through more than 100 citizens opposing various legislations such as banning certain firearms and red-flag laws. Only a handful of citizens showed up to support the resolution.

Considering the outcry, and the fact that the item had not been put on the agenda first for discussion, and they only held one citizen’s time beginning at 2 a.m., Supervisor Victor Angry proposed the vote be moved to Jan. 21. The board unanimously supported that motion.

Jan. 14, the board agreed to withdraw the resolution indefinitely, and cancel the Jan. 21 evening meeting. It was Neabsco Supervisor Victor Angry who again put forth the motion.

“Last week we had a pretty strong showing of support and discussion for the Resolution 10A,” Angry said. “Last week-  was a very hot topic.”

Angry said they, “owe it to the people,” to not bring forth the resolution, but reminded citizens Prince William is not a sanctuary county. “I don’t think we should be a sanctuary for anything.”

Rather, Angry said, “I feel very strongly that we really should represent our constituents and allow our citizens to go down to Richmond,” bringing their opinions directly to the General Assembly.

The board unanimously supported the resolution. Brentsville Supervisor Jeanine Lawson (R) thanked Angry for his leadership. Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland (R) and Coles Supervisor Yesli Vega (R) said they would support it.

“I echo your sentiment. We are here to serve the people and being an elected body in serving the people,” Potomac Supervisor Andrea Bailey (D) said.

Wheeler agreed.

“This is a state issue. It will be dealt with on the state level. A lot of county resources go towards the large meetings that we have, and I will be supporting Supervisor Angry’s motion.”

Angry also said that the meeting was so heated that there was an altercation. He said in his opinion it was very unprofessional.

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