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Prince William Father Nearly Dies Waiting for COVID-19 Test Results

| March 16, 2020 | 0 Comments | News

Amanda and Titou Phommachanh on their way to New York City.

A Prince William woman was pleading for her husband’s life on NBC 4, Sunday. The hospital was waiting for his COVID-19 test results so it could secure the experimental drugs needed to treat the virus.

Titou Phommachanh, a husband and father of three young girls, had just returned from visiting New York City. He was getting sick and suspected it was the COVID-19 coronavirus. His wife, Amanda, saw Titou become increasingly ill and took him to seek medical attention.

As reported by NBC Washington, Titou took a COVID-19 test Thursday morning. By early hours of the morning Sunday, Titou was in a coma on a ventilator a Northern Virginia area hospital. Amanda said the hospital would not treat him specifically for COVID-19 without first receiving the test results.

According to the news report, the hospital was reliant on a private lab because it did not have the capability to do its own testing.

But Amanada feared he could not wait another day for the results. “They’re telling me that it may take until Monday, and I don’t feel that we have until Monday,” she told News4’s Darcy Spencer.

Around noon, Amanda updated her live Facebook feed. She was relieved to learn that Titou had tested positive for COVID-19. It should have been bad news, but it meant he could be treated.

His original test result was never returned, but fortunately, Gov. Ralph Northam interceded to expedite testing.

“The governor’s office -through some amazing friends that I have- were involved last night and ordered a retake, and we got the results 12 hours later. We still don’t have the original test results sent out since Thursday, which is absolutely mind-boggling to me.”

Amanda said, going forward, the testing process needs to change in order to save lives.

“These tests have got to be prioritized based on the severity and acuity of these cases. Something is very, very wrong. I understand that everyone is learning as they go with this, but people that are in critical condition need those test results, you know. Quickly. They don’t have time to wait 3-4 days for test results to go through private labs.”

She warned others not to put themselves at risk and take the “social distancing” self-quarantine seriously.

“This thing’s real…most people aren’t getting sick like this, but some people are, so it’s real. Stay home. Don’t go to friends’ houses. I know it’s boring and it’s going to stink, but we’ve been doing this for five days and we’re managing. It’s not going to be forever, but it’s keeping people safe and alive.”

Then she asked for prayers from the community.

3 p.m.: She updated “He’s been approved for Remdesivir and it’s coming. But it can take 48 hours. KEEP PRAYING.”

11 p.m.: “Drugs are en route to Titou, will arrive overnight.” “Now the drugs need to work. (I have THE best village!)

The drugs are experimental and never been used at the hospital before said Amanda in a Facebook update. Titou is still in a coma, and she is asking for prayers.

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